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AC Adapter

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More of a concern than a gripe, but does anyone else have the AC Travel Adapter that was bundled in with some packages? I left mine on to charge last night and it was making a loud and sporadic humming noise when i plugged it in. The connection is extremely loose which caused sparking if the plug was moved even the tiniest amount.In the end I just unplugged it. I don't think I'll be leaving it un-supervised to charge :s
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Sounds like you have a short in the cable or the jack where the power plugs in. If you want to test the cable you can use a multimeter and measure the voltage, or check the continuity.
There's nothing wrong with the actual cable, it's simply the connection between the actual charger plug and the UK adapter is god-awful.
I had this same problem.In the end i stuck some electrical tape around the plug and the uk adapter (between the earth and the 2 power connectors on the adapter, up and around to the top of the power supply and back down and round - if that make sense...) so it is held together solid.
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