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A110 LCD and Digitizer

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Hi every one!
I'll try to put my long story here as short as possible...
I bought Acer Iconia A110 with cracked digitizer! I took it apart, but was not careful enough some where, so I damaged the LCD... To be more precise - LCD is fine, but when connected to tablet it does not display any more and ribbon gets unbearably hot! So quite a problem... I looked for LCD and digitizer online, was not able to find the LCD, digitizer was not the problem, but as I needed both I kept searching! Then I found few full assemblies (LCD and digitizer as one already)... Received it couple days ago and it is completely wrong! Digitizer size does not match, there was only one (digitizer ribbon) coming out of assembly and for the LCD there was only "socket" - I should have my own ribbon from MB to LCD, sort of like 10" net book principle.
Any ways, I informed the seller and he asked me to take the pictures! I sent the pictures and he now asked me do I really have A110 model, as his team recognizes the LCD to be like from A100 model, but digitizer as A110.
So here is the nut - I googled around and found post on xda forum, guy taking apart his A100, he took good pictures, so I compared my LCD with the one on his (A100) in pictures and guess what?! They match! So now, hopefully I'll send the wrong assembly back and my Chinese friend will send me the parts I need... If I'm right A100 LCD should be exact match!
Is there any one who could share some nr on ribbon or other info from A100? I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes! I'll take a photos and make a tutorial on A110 assembly/dis assembly, where to be careful etc. I can post the pic of the wrong assembly as well, so if any one is having the same issue, you don't buy what I did!
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