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Ok, so I havent actually pulled the trigger yet, but Im almost there!Some of these have been addressed before, but I see some conflicting results, so I'll just take the majority answer.BTW: I have just spent 3 weeks setting up an Augen GT78 for my wife, so Im not afraid of work, and I have a LOT of patience.1) Has anyone done a direct comparison between the ZT180 10" and one of the few TC8902 10" out there?2) I see references to ADB over Wifi. If I have an XP pc does ADB work over USB?3) I see a lot of "the market works, no t doesnt" in most 3rd party pads the markets dont and I'm ok with that. Is there a "fix" thats been developed? (I'll worry about whether it works for me or not)4) The biggie, is there one particular reseller that folks feel they have gotten the best service from? JT seems pretty straight forward, and I'm not looking for DIRT cheap, I'd rather apay a few $ more than get a DOA.Again I know most of these have been addressed, but it does seem that as the days and weeks go by, the answers as a whole change (as folks have more time to work with them.Thanks to all respondents.j
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