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Hello,I am still waiting for my shipment to arrive,that is not my concern, as I know it will take a while,but what is becoming a concern of mine is the amount of horror stories I've been reading,those have been making me feel a bit nervous about my purchase.This message goes out to all who have a greater understanding of the device than myself,and to those who had a good experience with their EKEN M001,any words of encouragement and happy stories about their purchase?I was excitedly waiting for my purchase to arrive,but now I'm working to ease my level of expectations,so I won't be as disappointed when it gets here.Am I right in my assumption that I will be disappointed?I know we all get what we pay for,I wasn't expecting for it to be the very best,because I didn't pay for the very best,but I need some encouraging words to make me feel like I didn't waste my $$,though it is inexpensive, I'm just a poor university student,so that 100 bucks will be missed if my purchase turns out to have not been a good one.Any help in turning my :- back into
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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