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I know a lot of talented people from the community are involved as well as other's sites like XDA, Gtab for Dummies, and many others are essential.

But as a novice to Android whom found Roebeet on XDA, which led to SLD. which led to Roe,Pix,Clem, and so many others I'd need more time to list them. I owe you a great deal of graditude.

I find your site easy to navigate (except for the 4 or more characters in search), and I have also learned so much here about Mobile and Android.

I feel the VS Gtablet is still kicking because of SLD. I have learned about "top of the line" hardware that I could have never afforded if it were'nt for Viewsonic's decisions, and would have never had without the knowledgable people and moderators, the kindness, and real spirit to help that this site provides.

I know the Gtab and this forum/thread will slowly die as most of this forum is pretty quite these days (except for DHR ICS rom) as is the sad nature of "New electronics" lifespans. But I love my Gtab and probably wouldn't, if it were not for this site.

But be next Device will be backed-up by the fine folks here at SlateDroid.

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