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7" m001 e-pad wont turn back on

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I got One of these bout 6 days ago, and today while playin a game, it turned off. Now it wont turn back on although it had a full battery. When i press the power button, the led lights come on but nothing on the screen. lights also come on when its plugged into the wall. Anyone know a solution? Any suggestions?Thanks in advance.
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try paper clipping into the reset button on the back, its rear below the text. mine will lockup like that occasionally. haven't researched why yet.
The LCD cable could have come out inside the device.
mine is the same, only works when its plugged in. therefore the battery is screwed. im sending mine craftmenship sucks, mine worked for not even 20 min.
If all else fails, try hitting it. Works every time for me ;)
Thanks for the replies.Lol. nice one mike.I turned it on this morning, just sayin goodbye before i sent it back, and it turned back on. Then, about 5 minutes later, it turned off. Im #!*@en puzzled.I tried the reset button. What does that do? Does it wipe everything, including the O.S?I was thinkin it could be a virus?????Anyone know how to re-format these?Thanks
[quote name='newtonskinz;13480]When i press the power button' date=' the led lights come on but nothing on the screen. lights also come on when its plugged into the wall.[/QUOTE'] So do you think it's running with no screen? You should be able to tell cos it plays a sound when it finishes starting up.My screen has stopped working and gone blank a few times, pressing randomly around the sides of the LCD (the shiny bit, and around the HOME/MENU buttons) has brought it back every time. Build quality not so hot on these things.I don't think its a virus. Hth.
it definatly doesnt start up. I ended up sending it back, hopefully they give me a new one. No doubt ill hav problems with that too so ill be back.Thanks for the replies.
So. Im back.Same device. Same problem.Manufacturers found that i had tried to open it, so i pretty much voided the warranty.Open to any ideas to get it working again.
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