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3G Modem Support

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Hi |Everyone,Im really enjoying the Apad, howeverPleeeeeze could anyone tell me how i can use a 3G huawei e220 modem on the Apad??? Cause the specs claimed that you could use a 3G Modem....also could i use a PPPoE dialer on it?I'll really appreciate it :)Many Thanks,
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Anyone know what Root file contains the APN configuration?
[quote name='xaueious;15253]Maybe you need to install network connections manager. That's in my ROM' date=' but I don't know if it's in Roger's or not.[/QUOTE']Yes it is in Roger's ROM but, I'm no expert but I think some system files need to be modified, as all my 3G dongles show connection but wont connect with APN settings saved...:confused:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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