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3D Games List.

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Here, we will compile a list of all smoothly running 3D games we explore. This will help everyone to know in advance which games will be more fun to play on T15.
Ofcourse, first the device has to arrive. The thread is open to suggestions for new exciting games too so that we can always explore new games & who knows when someone might get hooked to one of those.

Also, sometimes some 3D games need ChainFire 3D & its plugins to make some games compatible on non compatible devices. E.g. Some games are customized for Tegra devices & may not run on Mali400 or PowerVR properly. But with help of Chainfire 3D & using one of its 3 plugins, we can make those games playable on such Tablets.

Tutorial, General information regarding how ChainFire 3D works -

Therefore if you come across some game & it's non compatible, but you figure out what settings to put on Chainfire to make it work; kindly share the information here & we will add it to the list alongside the game.

1. NFS Hot Pursuit.
2. Riptide GP.
3. Samurai 2 Vengence
4. PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer
5. Heavy Gunner
6. TurboFly 3D
7. ShadowGun
8. Fruit Ninja THD (Tegra version)
9. Real Racing 2
10. SummitX
11. Tank Riders
12. Blood & Glory
13. Asphalt 6 HD
14. Grand Theft Auto 3
15. Dungeon Hunter 3
16. Machinarium

...Will keep updating the list.
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Machinarium is a puzzle point-and-click adventure game. Despite is not shown on play, it can be installed via apk. It works flawlessly and very smoothly. It's very good game for those who like this kind of genre. :) Very nice graphics too.
Hi all,

I am lurking here as I noticed some of you got real racing 2 working on your tablets. I am trying to get it working on my Cube u30gt which has a quad core Mali 400 gpu.

I went through the link that was posted earlier on this thread but there are so many different versions and links I couldn't find one that worked

Does anyone know which data file I need, row or na and apk - presumably Mali 400? And do you have a working link?

Thanks in advance
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Grand Theft Auto 3 works also
What version did you use? I tried last version but I can't download data directly, I also try data from my galaxy s2 and didn't work :/

Thanks for your info.
I've recently found a MMORPG that works very well on the T15, Order and Chaos. If you're a World of Warcraft fan or just wanna try a solid RPG this is the game for you. The first 3 months are free but it's more than enough to build a character and enjoy this masterpiece. Here's a useful link that contains a lot of good games for the PowerVR GPU:

One of my biggest disappointments was Aralon, another RPG. Don't know if it's the hardware/software on the T15 or the game optimization itself but it stutters too much and is only barely playable. A real shame.
Last but no least N.O.V.A 2 is a very nice shooter with good graphics and a fast pace. Occasionally the movement pad will get stuck but it is still playable
Will let you know if i test some more games that are worth taking a look at.
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So if you're not a cardiac and you love shooters i recommend Dead Space. It's absolutely gorgeous and it runs silky smooth. I gave a link for the APK and SD files in the last post, it's very well worth it. Also Earth and Legend is a nice looking RPG but Order and Chaos is absolutely superb and feels more classy! This week i'm gonna try some more games and tell you which is hot and which is not. Cheers!
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