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12 hour freeze - help!

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I put my apad to charge yesterday. When I got back to it and tried to use it, it was completly unresponsive to any touching of the screen. I can only turn it off with the switch. It reboots and I press the menu button and it takes me right back to the frozen screen. I cant get it to respond. Did anyone else had this problem? Or can anyone offer any suggestions on how to get it going again? I was looking into updating firmware but don't know if I can with everything not responding:-(Thanks for any help!
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I was able to revive the apad. I let my battery drain completely which made the unit shut off by itself. Once I turned it back on it seemed as if it didn't work but after a few seconds it was fully working again. The upgrades in firmware etc sounds great but I am way scared of even trying to play around with this too much. I will only use it when I am traveling etc. I don't think it can take much more than that. I like the size of it compared to the Ipad. This size is perfect for traveling and taking with you in your bag, it has great potential but it is just too fragile in terms of software. Would love to see a tablet of this size developed fully.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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