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12 hour freeze - help!

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I put my apad to charge yesterday. When I got back to it and tried to use it, it was completly unresponsive to any touching of the screen. I can only turn it off with the switch. It reboots and I press the menu button and it takes me right back to the frozen screen. I cant get it to respond. Did anyone else had this problem? Or can anyone offer any suggestions on how to get it going again? I was looking into updating firmware but don't know if I can with everything not responding:-(Thanks for any help!
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I don't have one of these, but it sounds like the switch is powering down, not off. Is there a hard restart on this thing - hold the button or hold the switch for 10-15 seconds? Have you considered pulling the battery?
That's what we're doing here... developing them fully.Don't do anything you're not comfortable with. Seriously. You'll brick your junk eventually, it's just a matter of time with pushing the edges... :-DI'm betting you weren't shutting off, just powering down.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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