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10" ePad with Windows CE

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OK Being a cheapskate I bought an "ePad" from eBay with Windows CE6.0.Very disappointing. Can't see much point in having a Tablet with virtually no touchscreen functionality beyond the basic. No finger scrolling, zooming, etc.I guess I have two questions:1. Is Android the better choice for touch functionality?2. Can a Win CE Pad be re-flashed to Android?Many thanks in advance.
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It's just an OS, it can be flashed over once a proper and working image is available for download. See what people are doing with their Ekens, from Android, to Ce, to Android, to CE.If people are saying shops in China are ruining their units flashing them over to Android 2.1, that's a half-truth. I'm reading how the shop keepers are doing it on chat boards, they're downloading android builds for random machines and flashing them over or trying to use boot loaders designed for PCs. Why? It's in English and they're guessing people abroad figured out how to get it working first. Problem is, they don't understand the English things.Of course doing that will brick the tablet.The factory hasn't released an image for download yet. They're saying it was scheduled for an official date of the 14th, then the 20th, and people are still waiting and emailing for them. Once that happens, I'll post info as how the Chinese shop keepers are doing once they have success. Figure let somebody else try first, right? I'll translate the steps over asap once it happens. No worries.
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