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10" Apad Rockchip versus 10" zt180

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I avoided buying the zt180 because of the problems.I had not considered the Apad 10" Rockchip.Now that Roger has released the 5.1 rom for the 10" (THANKS !) I want to consider it.It's very hard to find a 7/10 inch MID with both G-Sensor and Full Size USBBoth these units have it.Can someone compare the two units?Battery Life (wifi or not)Video Performance (i don't do HD, just avi and youtube)WIFI/Web (this is most important)(also, am I loosing much besides Live Wallpaper if I don't have Droid 2.1 ?)thanks
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can someone give me a 10" apad please :)i'll test it out for all lolThe ZT-180 at the moment arent working that well, there is some work being done on firmware, so maybe when this is done a more realistic comparison can be made
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