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10.2" google android 2.1 apad notebook wi-fi 1.2ghz cpu

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Has anybody purchased this tablet and can comment on its performance? Thanks
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Yes, Here is my post with video reviews of the tablet also.I have 3 youtube videos of the tablet demonstrating console emulation snes nes genesis, ebook reading, web surfing, ectForgot to paste link:
How does tablet compare to ZT-180, the processor is different and the CPU runs at 1.2 ghz, Is this possible?
1.2ghz 10" tablet does not exist at the moment
1.2 Ghz, namely as measured, !!!who has given the data???Some say it will 1200ghz, and another forty replicate quietly behind him. The clones are not the PADS, are the Chinese who make and sell.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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