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10.1" Rockchip Identification

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I'm sure there are plenty of these types of threads, but I'd like to know what type of tablet I am getting since the specs vary and don't seem to match up with any of these tablets (closest is the OrphanM16+)aPad10.1"Android 1.6128MBWiFiResistive ScreenG enabled2GB (expandable to 32GB)Rockchip 2806?? (I'm assuming this has to be 2808..)Mainly I'm stuck at the Android 1.6... I want to be sure this works with the rogerbraun ROM Hybrid 5.2 for the aPad. Does the OS make a big difference between the 1.5 and 1.6?Also, I've never had an Android (or Linux computer) - what does a ROM do? Enhance the OS? Sorry for the newbness oozing from this thread -.-
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