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[08-15] Moborobo 2.0.5 Has Been Released

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Moborobo 2.0.5 Has Been Released
Moborobo has been updated to V2.0.5. Users will be notified to update their Moborobo clients to Moborobo 2.0.5 or download a full Moborobo V2.0.5 client through

V2.0.5 Changelog
1. Added the feature of checking the Device Info;
2. Added the feature of outlook contact sync, now support outlook contact import & export;
3. Added the Local resource library on the Apps, Tunes, Images, Videos, Themes module;
4. Improved the Connection Wizard;
5. Improved the capture screenshot feature. Added the "Screen Refresh" button;
6. Improved the UI when device has not connected to Moborobo;
7. Improved the error display mode on the task queue;
8. Fixed the bug that Moborobo failed to recognize International country codes;
9. Fixed the bug that Moborobo failed to import SMS under different language;
10. Improved the response time and the performance of the software;
11. More UE improvements on other modules.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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