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  1. VOYO A1 mini
    Hey, I messed up the bios of my tablet, and now it's not booting anymore. The little white light is on, but the screen and hdmi output is black... Is there a way to reset/reflash the bios? Regards, Leo
  2. Thomson THBK1-10
    EDIT: IT SEEMS THERE ARE TROUBLES AND BOOTLOOPS WITH THESES. FIRST, prefer the manufacturer OTA if available (cf Danew or Thomsom website) as it works flawlessly for me, i can't really help you :( --- In case of troubles, you can go back to factory OTA. Here is howto: 0) Download proper...
  3. ZT-283 C93
    Hello there. My one year old tablet ZT280-C93 is reseting itself back to factory settings. All apps and settings are gone. It shows last updated 01.01.1970. Any idea? I have never tried to flash the ROM or anything. It has just been used to browse the internet. Never had problems before...
1-3 of 3 Results