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  1. Actions Semi ATM7029 Quad-core ARM CPU devices
    Not so long ago I stumbled into a kitkat 4.4.4 firmware for atm7023 soc. After some seaching and old firmware comparing I found out that atm7023 is much like our so beloved atm7029 but a dual core. And that they both have Vivante GPU and can use the same boot and kernel. After that first one I...
  2. Hannspree Hannspad
    Hi, I'm wondering if may I update my HANNSPAD 16GB SN10T1 to Android KitKat 4.4? Would it be possible? Should I use a custom ROM? Where may I get it, and where may I get easy instructions to install this ROM into my tablet? Cheers
  3. Ainol Novo 7 Venus
    After searching for many months I just found a way how make our Venus7 look like KitKat, based on stock rom. actually its not my idea, i just found a great and smooth tutorial in xda and i give it a try, and hell! it works :) credits to the owner/maker of the thread EnricoD here's the link...
  4. Onda V812
    AnTuTU score: 12424 Credits to Link:
  5. Cube RK3188 Tablets
    It's not easy being a 7-inch tablet these days. With relatively inexpensive devices like the Lenovo A3000 and Kindle tablet offering a whole lot of bang for your buck, budget tablet makers are facing stiffer competition than ever before. Acube's latest offering -- the 7-inch u25GT (quad-core)--...
1-5 of 5 Results