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  1. Android Tablet OS Games
    Work as a veterinarian in our animal hospital & do cat surgery on baby animals - cat care games with funny pets will make you and your kid smile and have a great time taking care of cats! *** Inside the pet hospital game, there are many cute animals that you, as the best pet doctor, have to...
  2. Android Tablet OS Games
    Red Hands is one of the best classic games we used to play for fun. Agree? It's on Google Play now: Red Hands - 2-Player Game. Link for free download: Red Hands - 2-Player Games Link for free download: Red Hands - 2-Player Games
  3. Android Tablet OS Games
    I want to announce that an impressive new game is developed by Wizards Time LLC. As this company is trying to build up its reputation and establish a brand, it invests a lot of energy in creating the most imaginative games. It also attempts to keep up with the latest trends; therefore it has...
  4. Android Tablet OS Games
    Math vs Dinosaurs Kids Games is a new educational math game for kids. It combines math problems and dinosaur stories, providing great math exercise for kids and education about dinos. The best thing about it is that it has an awesome story and all kinds of exercises, even decimal numbers, so it...
  5. Android Tablet OS Games
    Hi, a new my talking pet app for kids Talking Dragon Draco Free is out. Kids can make their own funny dragon story with this magic dragon. This thread will be dedicated to talking pet games such as this one. We will be posting new games for kids of this kind here. Dragon games for kids are...
1-5 of 5 Results