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  1. Android Tablet OS Games
    Hey guys~ I recently got an early invitation to try out the closed beta for "Heroes Conquest", a new game from Eyougame. After giving it a quick try, I'd classify it as an SLG game containing an RPG element. (kinda a brand-new hybrid gaming experience beyond my expectation) It also opts out...
  2. Android Tablet OS Games
    Red Hands is one of the best classic games we used to play for fun. Agree? It's on Google Play now: Red Hands - 2-Player Game. Link for free download: Red Hands - 2-Player Games Link for free download: Red Hands - 2-Player Games
  3. Android Tablet OS Games
    BEWARE!! Poodle Jump : Fun Jumping Games is highly addicting game!! If you are a fan of jumping games and doodle graphics, then Poodle Jump is the right game for you. You can download it for free from Google Play:
  4. Android Tablet OS Games
    Fish Predator 2048 is a very nice game for Android, from the genre of puzzle games. It's a great brain training game, with the beautiful graphics. Google Play link: How to play Predator 2048: Swipe to move the...
  5. Applications
    Zombie vs. Plants is a fun shooting game. Use ricochet kills to help the zombie kill the monster plants. The game is a good brain trainer, too because you'll have to be witty to beat the plants in this physics simulation game. If you like free shooting games, this arcade game is the right...
1-5 of 5 Results