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  1. Onda v975i
    So you have bricked your tablet somehow when tinkering with it. Below is a tutorial on how to unbrick your V975i. This guide was originally from LINK. I have translated the guide using Google Translate and rearranged it a little as below. For my supporters and donators, a human translation...
  2. Cube U39GT
    Hi guys. Im not a dev and im not a Android/Linux pro but i can understand about some little things like recovery, roms and others. So, i tryed to search a lot in the internet for a CWM flashable and i cant find anything, except the TempestU39GT from lambstone. Here, i have my U39GT-W with the...
  3. Unlisted RK3188 Tablets
    not 100% suer this is the correct place, but i did some searching before posting.. im trying to flash an android tv box (tr42) using rockchip batch tool 1.7 (also i tried 1.6) I have loaded the drivers and it shows the device is connected, BUT... i cannot load an img to flash? I have tried...
1-3 of 3 Results