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  1. AirTV Firmware
    hi everyone im looking for firmware for an lcd tv insigna ns-42L260A13 any help i will be gratefull thanks
  2. Unlisted Cortex A7 devices
    Hi I need firmware for tablet DIMO D7735 or anything Board ID: CP-G6-MB-V2.1 Chip: MT6572 Please also tell me how to flash it. I downloaded one that is for same board id but in the name of the file is MTK6572 (MTK6572_1504282109.bin). So I'm afraid to use it beside I have no idea how to flash :D...
  3. Unlisted Rockchip RK3066 Tablets
    The Device Novatech Tablet 10.1 [Known as @Tab Ten.1] Purchased from: novatech Technical Specification Dual Core 1.6Ghz 1GB DDR3+ 16GB 1 micro SD 10.1" 1024 x 600 USB (Mini and Normal), HDMI, DC5v, Headphone jack No...
  4. Allwinner A13 CPU Devices
    Hi, I recently repaired a China A13 tablet device, by replacing a motherboard, which has damaged LCD backlight driver. The new motherboard is identical type, but manufactured a month later, and maybe for a different LCD. Screen has color dots on high contrast areas, which disappear when a low...
  5. Velocity Micro Cruz Reader
    Hi everyone, I just recently obtained a Cruz Reader R101 7" Tablet. The tablet is in new condition, but has the old, buggy firmware in it making it pretty much unusable. I saw that Cruz had a firmware update, but their webpage is obviously no longer maintained as all their links for downloads...
  6. Unlisted RK3188 Tablets
    not 100% suer this is the correct place, but i did some searching before posting.. im trying to flash an android tv box (tr42) using rockchip batch tool 1.7 (also i tried 1.6) I have loaded the drivers and it shows the device is connected, BUT... i cannot load an img to flash? I have tried...
  7. Onda V812
    AnTuTU score: 12424 Credits to Link:
  8. What Tablet Have I Got?
    I am searching for the firmware for MID-756 7" ANDROID 4.2 TABLET PC w/ 512MB RAM / 4GB ROM. It is locked and will not reset, I have tried many times. So if someone can help me find this firmware for this tablet I would appreciate it.
  9. Non-Listed
    Hi there, I have the xiron tablet 7'' android 2.2. (Kernel 2.6.32, build number V 1.3.0) for a while now. I've resetted the device a week ago, but since then it keeps saying 'factory data restoring' So i've been searching here and there for a solution. I've read something about re-flashing the...
  10. Unlisted RK3188 Tablets
    I finally complete firmware tools for RK30 and RK31 devices DriverInstaller_2014.exe - this is correcly auto installer RK30-31 lastest drivers (support all version windows and good easy install) Included RK3xxx_firmware_tools.rar - This my RK3xxx Firmware Tools v4 (Driver installer include) I'm...
1-10 of 10 Results