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  1. Ainol Novo 7 Fire
    Hi Talking about on Ainol Novo 7 Fire tablet, Why is it everytime I install Cyanogenmod custom ROMs the Camera fails to take photos, I get blank pictures. Camera only works on Feiyu 4.22. Sal
  2. Actions Semi ATM7029 Quad-core ARM CPU devices
    You do everything at your own risk! This custom rom more performance,faster and more stable than anything else, because it is compiled on the Google,CyanogenMod and Actions source code. Instructions: This is a flashable zip, no need computer with pad tool to flash this firmware. You can flash...
  3. Actions Semi ATM7029 Quad-core ARM CPU devices
    Two (or four) experimental tools. Flashed in recovery mode. For making compatibility zips for Christian Troy's ROMs and to convert stock into the bnmguy's CWM recovery. Check also my other thread "Portable versions of custom recoveries, CWM and TWRP" That version now also includes a converter...
1-3 of 3 Results