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  1. Actions Semi ATM7029 Quad-core ARM CPU devices
    More experimental tools. As usual, no guarantee of any kind. Use at your own risk. ------------------------------ Updated portable custom recovery versions are in this post The original...
  2. Cube U39GT
    Hi guys. Im not a dev and im not a Android/Linux pro but i can understand about some little things like recovery, roms and others. So, i tryed to search a lot in the internet for a CWM flashable and i cant find anything, except the TempestU39GT from lambstone. Here, i have my U39GT-W with the...
  3. ZT-282 C91 Upgrade Custom ROM Development
    I'm building a custom recovery and need some help getting the files from the recovery and kernel extracted, at the moment i've connected my tab by serial connection this is my last resource to make some images. Does anyone have an idea?
1-3 of 3 Results