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  1. VOYO A1 mini
    Hey, I messed up the bios of my tablet, and now it's not booting anymore. The little white light is on, but the screen and hdmi output is black... Is there a way to reset/reflash the bios? Regards, Leo
  2. Onda v975i
    IMPORTANT: FLASHING WINDOWS 8.1 WILL ALWAYS REQUIRE HARDWARE MOD UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. CLICK THIS SENTENCE TO HARDWARE MOD POST Onda officially releases the Win8.1 bios for the V975i. Things to keep in mind As above, hardware mod required and will always be required. (Exception is the V2...
  3. Onda v975i
    (Sorry for my horrible English ;)) I created this thread for talk about the success cases, the cases that it works perfectly and you can flash the BIOS and install Windows 8 successfuly... Please, describe your method and tools... kind of resistors, if you soldered it or you pasted it with...
1-3 of 3 Results