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  1. Thomson THBK1-10
    Thanks to, i was able to run Android 4.4.2. In short: boot from USB with UEFI32 4.4.2 kernel starts a live image graphics are ok but: no sound no button no wifi no touchpad persistent mmc IRQ error (not important as i'm on USB) Journey should be long... as expected this...
  2. Vido / Window / Yuandao RK3188 Tablets
    Any one fancy a Kitkat? Just installed in my Dragon touch, seems to be working well. Try it your self P.S. This rom is already rooted, you don't need tsparky, just install supersu from playstore.
  3. V88 Rom Development
    Until Chuwi releases an official KitKat firmware release, Oma and the gang have once again created some KitKat magic with their Oma Rocks ROM. This thread contains information on the latest Oma Rocks KitKat ROM. It will be updated when newer releases of this ROM are available. CrewRKTablets...
1-3 of 3 Results