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  1. Allwinner A20 CPU Devices
    Hi, I have been using Rom toolbox Lite for a while now and never had a problem, untill I got the "not so great" idea to change the heapsize in build.prop - after reboot the tablet is stuck on Loading - see attached screenshot. I have tried to reset, reset to factory default, to push back an old...
  2. What Tablet Have I Got?
    Hi, I've got an tablet. It is really slow and there are no updates provided. Therefore I wanted to flash CM. But I don't know which ROM I have to flash. Here are all information from Antutu: General Info ---------------- Brand: iNet Modell: T9701H_2M Android: 4.1.1 (32-Bit) CPU-Modell...
  3. Allwinner A31S Quad Core CPU Tablets
    Hello everyone ... Guys, I have a tablet and am trying to root, but it is a recent model and can not find anything for him. Does anyone know a root for him? These are his information might help: Adroid- 4.2.2 Firmware- v3.2 Kernel- 3.3.0 [email protected] #1 Mon Nov 11 18:36:31 CST 2013...
1-3 of 3 Results