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Please note that this wiki is for the original ZT-180 with 256 MB RAM and 2 GB internal nand,

not for the newer ZT-180 +/version 2 with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal.

The original uses a Ruby PCB (ZT_Bx) while the newer ones uses a Jade PCB (ZT_Gx).

Ruby PCB

10" Original (B0)

Jade PCB

10" v2 (G0)

10" v2 (G1/G2)

Cameo PCB

7" v2 (E3)

For the ZT-180 10" +/version 2 wiki Click Here!

For the ZT-180 7" wiki Click Here!

For the ZT-280/E98 8" wiki Click Here!

The ZT-180 CPU model list:

ZT180_B0 10 inch nand plastic

ZT180_E3 7 inch inand Plastic(old)

ZT180_E4 7 inch inand Plastic(new s60)

ZT180_F0 7 inch inand 1024x600 sdio wifi multi-touch

ZT180_G0_3G 10 inch inand 3g

ZT180_G0 10 inch inand

ZT180_G1 10 inch inand 256M(cost down)

ZT180_G2 10 inch inand (low frequency)

ZT180_H0 10 inch iron

ZT180_I0 8inch iron

ZT180_J0 8inch Plastic


Recent Changes to the ZT-180 FAQ WIKI

  1. Moved ROMs section to a new page (was over the suggested 32 kb limit for a wiki page)
  2. Re-organized sections and added some pictures & created new wiki page for GTPDJW for the ZT-180 +/verion 2 model tablet
  3. Added working (with Froyo) Adobe Flash Player 10.1 app in the Installing Flash Section and Troubleshooting Section
  4. Added links to raits999 & HAL9000's ADHOC threads, troydog's qwerty.kl thread, and rezmus's custom boot logo thread. also added the UOT Kitchen Link
  5. Added tsukaza's Guide for SWAP on the ZT-180
  6. Added Source Files Links in Firmware (ROMS) Section

ZT-180 Specifications

Zt-180 Features


10.2-inches (diagonal) LED-backlit high quality resistive touchscreen display

1024-by-576 or 1024-by-600 pixel resolution 16:9 aspect ratio


Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g via RT3070 or RT2070 chipset)

Ethernet (via micro USB port and USB to Ethernet adapter)


WinCE 6.0 or Google Android 2.1


256MB DDR RAM (192 System/64 Video)

2GB onboard (split among Userdata, System, and U-boot Partitions)

microSD expandable (up to 32 GB)


ZT-180 - ARM11 - Clock speed 1.0 Ghz


Built-in 2-axis accelerometer

Automatic screen rotation from landscape mode to portrait and vice versa. (Where applicable)


Audio formats supported: MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG


Video formats supported: MP4, AVI, WMV, DIVX, Flash


Viewable document types: jpg, bmp, png, gif, txt, pdf, xls, doc, zip


2400mAh, 7.4V Li-Ion Battery

Up to 4 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music

Up to 4.5 hours with WiFi off

Charging via power adapter


1 x micro network and 1 x mini OTG USB port

1 x Full USB port

Built-in stereo speakers

microSD card dock

3.5-mm stereo headphone jack



On/Off Button; Menu/Recent Application (should have been Volume) Buttons; Home/Back Round Button


ZT-180 Tablet

USB to ethernet adapter

Power Adapter

User manual


Language support for English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian Keyboard support for English (U.S.), English (UK), French (France, Canada), German, Japanese (QWERTY), Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese (Handwriting and Pinyin), Russian


270mm x 180 mm x 15mm


ZT-180 History

The ZT-180 started shipping from China around the beginning of July 2010.

There are many sellers re-branding the device with different names such as Enso Zenpad, Orphan M-16, Flatpad A10, and Elonex NXTTAB10BL, and of course the Epad.


Places to Find Information and ask Questions

Slatedroid ZT-180 Thread

Please run a search before you start a new thread!

Slatedroid Search

Enter your keywords, in the forum search area - either scroll down and select "ZT-180" in the InfoTM X220 Category (or select the first press 'A' twice and then arrow up twice to ZT-180) , and finally click "Search Now".

Or you can use the Search box on the upper right hand corner! Picture c/o mrsburnout

XDA Developers ZT-180 Thread

JiongTang Forum ZT-180 Thread

Zenithink FAQ


Of course, you can always google it!

Firmware (ROMS)

Click Here to view all available ROMs for the ZT-180

Latest ROMs

Older ROMs

Beta ROMs

Debugging the ZT-180 Files

Source Files for the ZT-180

Finding Firmware Build Date

ROM Apps & Services that can be safely removed

How to's

This section describes many different things you can do to improve your ZT-180

Flashing firmware

Flash from OTG USB with burntool

The Omen created a YouTube video describing - Flashing ZT-180 (0804 ROM with burntool v7.2)

  1. Where to download burntool 7.2 (for the 1030 ROM or earlier) - Download Burntool 7.2
  2. Installing the ZT-180 USB Driver (Windows XP 32 bit)
  3. Downloading firmware
  4. Setting up burntool
  5. Flashing the ZT-180 with the downloaded firmware

For using burntool v7.41 - (password for setting is zenithink)

  1. Where to download burntool v7.41 (for the 1104 ROM or later) - Download Burntool 7.41
  2. The files should linked as follows with a check in the box and the full path of the file and filename listed (use brower button to link your file) and save your settings. Make sure WinCE is unchecked.
 Burntool Settings 
 uboot-spl - ZT_Bx.spl ** 
 uboot-img - ZT_Bx.boot 
 linux-kernel - zImage 
 linux-sys - system.pack.img 
 linux-udat - userdata.pack.img 
 Memory Options - scrub (also checked) for a clean install

** (only to be used if you are flashing from the 1030 ROM or older, and error while flashing the spl can brick the device, make sure the tablet is fully charged and plugged into the power cord, and do not interrupt the process, just follow the prompts on your screen when flashing, DO NOT put the ZT_Bx.spl file in your /sdcard/zt-update folder, flashing spl from sdcard can brick the device)

Attach your tablet via the OTG USB while it's off, turn it on in flashmode (hold round button in front and then the power button and hold for 3-5 seconds), if you installed the secbulk drivers, Device10 will turn green and you can click start to flash the tablet, if you haven't and you are on a 32 bit windows computer, it should prompt you to install the drivers for the SEC SOC Test Board (what the computer recognizes the tablet as in flashmode), install the secbulk drivers, and for good measure, turn the tablet back off and then go back into flashmode and as soon as device10 turns green in burntool, then press start. The flashing should commence.

Flash from SD card

Works with any ZT-180 tablet that has the 1204 ROM or later installed already.

For ROMs before 0415
  1. Create directory named zt-update on root directory of your SD card
  2. copy zImage, system.pack.img and userdata.pack.img files in zt-update directory
  3. insert SD card into ZT-180
  4. turn on ZT-180 while pressing "Menu" button (button on top of ZT-180 that looks like volume down). You can also turn on ZT-180 and press "Menu" when it shows "Press ENTER/MENU to update"
  5. rest is automatic

If you want to flash only kernel, just copy zImage file in zt-update directory. Same for other parts.

For 0415 ROM and later
  1. Same as above - except files should include the following:
  • clear_data_part - *If you want the data partition cleared, if you don't, don't include/create this 0 byte command/file.
  • - (Android System Image)
  • zImage - (USB Mass Storage Kernel)
  • zImage_adb - (ADB Kernel)
  • zImage_update - You need to use the one from update folder first to create the sdcard.img, then you can use the one from usr folder.
  • ZT_Bx.boot


There are two easy ways to root the ZT-180

Universal Androot App

The easiest way to root -

  1. Visit this SITE and download the latest version of Universal Androot
  2. Copy the Universal Androot APK file to a micro SD card on your PC
  3. Remove the micro SD card from your PC
  4. Insert the micro SD card into your ZT-180
  5. Use a file browser to locate the Universal Androot APK file on the micro SD card
  6. Install the Universal Androot App
  7. Run the Universal Androot App


Goto's TxPower Fix & Easy root page and follow the directions listed there.

Note: When rooting Froyo, choose the Do not install Superuser option, then Root (you may need to do this twice). Do not install the SuperUser app afterwards or update the su binary (it will unroot you). Permissions should be given automatically without the SuperUser app if rooted properly with UniversalandRoot 1.6.1.

Using ADB and SDK

This site explains another way to root - Rooting using ADB

Copy files to internal device storage or SD Card

This thread describes how to copy files from a PC to the internal storage partition (/nand) of ~1.3GB of storage space or SD Card - Copy files to /nand or SD Card

Installing Flash

This thread has information on getting flash to work - Flash Lite working on ZT-180

Or if you are running a Froyo ROM, you can download and install this Adobe Flash Player 10.1 app - flash_player.apk


This thread has information on using swap on the ZT-180 - Swap on ZT-180

To find out what swap is read this Swap Definition

tsukaza's method to allow the swap to come on early and let the system load apps with the swap active. These are the steps:

1. open terminal

2. su

3. dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/sdcard/external-sdcard/swapfile.swp bs=1024 count=65536

use 1024 x size ( 1024 x 64 = 65536 ). this will initialize the file.

4. busybox mkswap /mnt/sdcard/external-sdcard/swapfile.swp

Turn the file into a swapfile

5. busybox swapon /mnt/sdcard/external-sdcard/swapfile.swp

Turn on the swap space

6. busybox free

This will show you the system memory status

7. Now you need a package named "autostart.apk" not "autostarts.apk"

8. Create a file /data/opt/ containing this -->


/system/bin/busybox swapon /mnt/sdcard/external-sdcard/swapfile.swp


9. chmod 777 /data/opt/

10. reboot

11. open terminal

12. su

13. busybox free

Good luck


This section describes different wifi mods

ADHOC Support

jtbnet's thread describing how to set up ADHOC support - jtbnet's ADHOC thread

HAL9000's thread describing his ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher App with download links - HAL9000's thread

raits999's thread describing his wpa_supplicant replacement file with download - raits999's thread

Improved Reception

Here is an informative thread on improving wifi reception - Improve wifi

Solder Points for a RT3070

Solder Points for RT3070 Chip

Ceramic Chip Mod


Transmitter Power Mod

Here is an informative site explaining an easy way to lower your wifi tx power - txPower fix

Speeding up Wifi/3G Mod

Here is an informative tip on how to increase the speed of the wifi or 3G on the tablet Speed up wifi/3G fix

3G USB Sticks

This thread lists compatible 3G USB sticks - USB 3G Compatibility


Confia's HUAWEI Manual - Huawei Manual

Upgrade the Battery

The ZT-180 ships with two 2000mah 7.4 volt batteries giving the unit (as tested)

  • 4.5 hours watching movies with wifi off
  • 4 hours surfing the net

This thread explains how to properly upgrade the battery with up to 8.5 hours of battery time - Upgrade the battery


Click here to view all of teslabe's Battery Mod Pictures

Bluetooth Audio Dongle Mod

teslabe modded his case and installed an internal bluetooth audio dongle. Audio Bluetooth Mod

Keyboard Layout Mod

Keyboard Layout Files (qwerty.kl) & A more current thread dealing with the qwerty.kl file

Streaming video or music

These threads describes how to set up streaming video or music with TVersity - Tversity, Act 1 player and handbrake or Streaming Video or Music

Precautions for handling the ZT-180

There are some things you should look out for when using your ZT-180

Fragile LAN USB port

Several people have broken off their LAN USB port rendering it useless. Thanks to their lessons, we can better handle our device when using the LAN dongle - Fragile LAN USB port

Getting Android ID from Emulator

This video is a supplement to the "Fix Market For Slates" Wiki

Google Market

If you flash your software to version 101013 or later, Market should be fully functioning. If you have created an Android ID on your phone or through the Emulator all you will have to do is to log into Market on the ZT-180 with your Google Account credentials.

If you prefer to run a previous version of firmware, there are several ways to get Market working also.


There are a few methods for getting Google Market working

Several require RPM's Script so download it here - RPMScript 1.2

Christian Buchner's System Image

Christian has created a new system image for 0929. You can watch how-to video for flashing market and flash it the same way as 0827 but use the 0929 ZT and Christian's ROMs instead of the 0827 ROMs.

More information can be found here -

Christian Buchner's System Image

omarahum's way
  • This method worked for me

This post by omarahum explains another way to get Google Market working - omarahum's market procedure

Tsukaza's Way

This post from tsukaza explains how he got it to work - tsukasa's market procedure

Christian Buchner's second way

Christian Buchner has this to say -

the 0926 and 0929 firmware images have some library permissions set too strictly such that some Google Apps will fail (no market downloads, process crashes)

these adb commands fix it (copied straight from RPMscript by the way, they can be issued through OTG cable safely)

  • adb remount
  • adb shell chmod 777 /system/build.prop /system/app/* /system/lib/* /system/framework/* /system/etc/permissions/*
  • adb shell chown system.system /system/build.prop /system/app/* /system/lib/* /system/framework/* /system/etc/permissions/*

and then -

Someone pointed out to me that one also needs to push ContactsProvider.apk and Contacts.apk to /system/app to avoid the crashes.

For some unknown reason Zenithink omitted these from their release.


There are three different ways to install Google Market on version 100827

Christian Buchner's System Image

The Omen created a video located here - Market with 100827

This link describes Christian Buchner's system image Christian Buchner's Post

Once you've downloaded the system image file, open burntool settings and browse to it under the choice for "system" and flash like normal.

Then, in a DOS window type:

adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "update meta set intvalue='YOUR_ANDROID_ID_HERE' where name='androidId';"

Click the link below for an example -

DOS Window example

Tupa's Script

Tupa's Script - Tupa's Script Post (Click on the word "that" in the post.)

RPM's Script

RPM's Post on XDA describing his script -

  • Note - Market would not work until the date was set correctly
  • Note - Didn't need to run Market Enabler with the new system.img file
  • Note - I also got the server error but I was finally able to connect and download after waiting awhile.

Other upgrades

Changing boot animation

This site explains how to change the boot animation - Change Boot Animation

Changing boot logo

rezmus's Custom Boot Logo Thread

Themes / User Interface

How To Change Status Bar Icons, Remove No Signal Icon Or use the UOT Online Kitchen

Screen Protectors

Invisible Shields for Tablets


Best cases for ZT-180

Rubberized Case Mod, Maybe

USB peripherals

Working USB peripherals


Someone was kind enough to create some wallpapers that fit the ZT-180 - Wallpapers


This is a thread where you can show off your accessories for the ZT-180 - Show off your ZT-180 accessories

Android & ADB Basics

Click here to learn some basics about Android (i.e. deleting icons/shortcuts from the home page, uninstalling apps, etc) and how to connect using ADB and list of Basic ADB commands.

Android & ADB Basics

Android Basics

Adding apps/shortcuts to the home page

Removing apps/shortcuts from home page

Installing Apps to your ZT-180

Removing apps from your ZT-180

ROM Apps & Services that can be safely removed

Finding Firmware Build Date

ADB Basics


Commands to Connect

Some Basic ADB Commands

Applications from Market (Apps)

This section lists applications available from the Market as well as those that are not in the Market.

  • NOTE- Not all the applications on this list may be available from Market. Some may have expired from Market or were developed independently of Market. If you do not find an app in Market, check the link at the bottom of the list.

Working Apps


  • Android Comic Viewer
  • Aldiko - Book reader
  • Citrix Reciever
  • Documents to Go
  • Dolphin HD Browser
  • ES File Explorer - Can use this to stream audio from my Media PC
  • ESPN
  • Google Sky Maps
  • Kindle
  • Laputa - Book reader
  • mVideoPlayer
  • MyLetter YouTube - MyLetter App.MOV - Handwriting
  • nswPlayer - Use this and TVersity to stream video or music to my ZT-180 Setup TVersity for Streaming to Android
  • QuickOffice
  • Real Player
  • SwiftKey - Keyboard
  • swiFTP
  • Tapatalk - Free version
  • The Weather Channel
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Twidroid
  • Wifi Analyzer
  • Wootwatcher
  • YouTube


  • 250+ Solitaire Collection
  • 3Banana
  • 4Players Reactor
  • Angry Birds
  • Astro
  • At Bat '10
  • Beatdown Boxing
  • Bebbled
  • Blow Up
  • Bonsai Blast - similar to Zuma on pc.
  • Build-a-lot
  • Chess
  • Farm Frenzy
  • Feed the Bunny
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Gem Miner
  • GameBoid
  • gensoid
  • Guitar Hero 5
  • Homerun Battle 3D
  • iDemolished - similar to Blow Up.
  • Invadroid
  • Jewels
  • Live Scores
  • Mechanics Touch
  • Moron Test
  • nesoid
  • Nethack
  • Ohio State Football
  • OKCupid
  • Papa Stacker
  • Paper Toss
  • Pinball
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Pocket Racing
  • Radiant
  • Shoot U
  • Space Physics - very nice game where you draw on screen to solve a puzzle.
  • Speed Skater
  • Solitaire
  • Super Tumble
  • Super Boom
  • TextTwist Turbo
  • The Inferno
  • Traffic Rush
  • USA Capitals
  • Wave Blazer

Not fully functional

  • Bust-A-Move - Not full screen
  • Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009 - Not full screen
  • Jewel - only in portrait orientation
  • Kitten Cannon - Can't move cannon up or down
  • Robo Defense - Landscape only
  • Quake 3 - slow low frames but full screen
  • USA Today - portrait orientation only
  • Yahoo Fantasy Football '10
  • ToonWarz - would have been great except that it's difficult to control with this flaky touchscreen, otherwise it works.
  • The Plateau - not full screen
  • Talking Cat (free) - hangs after a while, especially quickly if MIC is used. May cause FC.

Apps that don't work

  • Civ4
  • Firefox Mobile (Fennec) beta 4
  • Fishin' 2 Go
  • Fring - VoIP
  • Hang-Man
  • Swype
  • Zenoria
  • Labyrinth

ZT-180 Apps Download! (

OMarahum's MediaFire Shared Zenithink Files and Backup APKs

Firmware Updates we would like to see

  1. Password required before bootup
  2. Stable screen touch
  3. Stable wifi
  4. Fix audio quality (crackling)
  5. Add CIF/SAMBA


This section will cover troubleshooting issues as them come up in the forum -

How to setup your tablet to run smoothly

Stuck on _ A N D R O I D during boot up

How to open case for inspection or repair

How to know your firmware version

1024x567 vs. 1024x600

How to test the microphone

How to fix a damaged pixel

How to turn off airplane mode

How to clean under the screen

How to fix a blank screen with nothing displaying (only LED light is on)

How to run Adobe Flash on the ZT-180

How to make the stock browser default to a Desktop view instead of Mobile

  • Q: Can I make the stock browser stop openning web pages in mobile view by default?
  • A: Yes you can! Open the stock browser and in the url input field type about:default. Then open the menu and go to settings (More tab), you should see a lot of new options that weren't there before. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and select UAString, and you shoud be able to select which default view you want (Android, Desktop, or iPhone).

How to make Market show more Apps

SDcard not being recognized when tablet is fully booted

  • Q: I'm using a current ROM (20110415 or later) and my sdcard suddenly stopped working/being recognized by the tablet. How can I fix that?
  • A: Please read the following post Problems with external SDcard. Pretty much, only have the zImage_update (from update_yaffs folder) in your zt-update folder and flash as usual so the tablet can rebuild the sdcard.img that may have gotten corrupted. It may take a while, but it should reboot after it's finished automatically, do not interupt the process, allow it to complete and reboot on it's own.

SDcard not being recognized when trying to flash a ROM

  • Q: I'm trying to flash a ROM onto the tablet via the sdcard method, but it keeps saying that there is no zImage_update file found, even though I know I put it in the zt-update folder. How can I fix that?
  • A: Most likely, it's the way the sdcard was formatted that is causing it not to be read correctly by the tablet. Please read the following post Herkfrog's suggestion on formatting the sdcard prior to flashing.

Other Useful Pictures and Information

Look for Bad Solder Joints


Inductor Problem

Broken Inductor

New Inductor



Debug/Serial Port on ZT180



 jtag + serial is cn7
 1 tdo 2 rtck(pd) 3 tck(pd) 4 tms(pl) 5 gnd 6 3v3 7 3v3 8 gnd 9 rst(pd/pl) 10 tdi(pl) 11 rxd 12 txd 
 pd: pull down pl: pull up
 3v3 tp33
 gnd tp46
 rtck t22/tp47
 tck t64/tp48
 rst t63/tp49
 tdo t30/tp50
 tms t28/tp51
 tdi t23/tp52
 rx t11/tp53
 tx t10/tp54
 Serial Port Info Source


IC Reset U8 on ZT180 to remove for longer Battery Life

U8 IC Reset to Remove

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