Understanding the 2012 OP Firmwares

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Understanding the 2012 OP Firmware

This is a new section in the Wiki to try to address some of the problems users who have recently purchased units with 2012 firmware versions are facing.

As of now, we are recommending that you do not make any modifications to these units. The main reason for this is that Pandigital has not released the firmware, nor is there a copy stored locally in the device. This means if you have a problem, Pandigital has left you high and dry with no way to attempt to recover the unit.

It has been verified that KG's Gapps modular flash does work, and will add the Android Market to these versions. One flash has been created to restore the framework back to the original version, which is suggested after you have successfully activated Market. Work is in progress to try to reverse-engineer a complete version of the firmware to try to help those that have bricked their units.

There have been other reports of problems installing apps with error messages about no room left on device, even though there is plenty of space on the internal sdcard. This is not new to the 2012 versions, and was caused by Pandigital reversing the mount points for the internal and external cards starting in the 2011 firmware. Now /sdcard is the external card, and many user apps look to store some of their data on /sdcard, which is not present unless you have an external card plugged in. If you are seeing this, simply put an external sdcard in and it should correct the problem.

Check back here for more information as it becomes available.

Be careful here, a lot of bricks have been created recently by flashing 2011 stuff on these units.

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