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Android 101: A Guide to Using Your Android Phone - PCWorld

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Beginners Guide to hacking the Pandigital Novel (.rtf) BeginHackingPandigital (local copy)

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Comparison of Mobile Internet Devices (MID)
Apad_B2 $?7RK2808 600MhzYes1.5hiapad128MB2GB, 4,8,16 OptmicroSD max 16GBDual Mini, 1 Hostresistive80048016x9?Built inb/g1.3 MP
PDN $169.957Samsung s3c6410xh-53 533MhzNo2.0 *2.1 2.2 in DevPandigital512MB1GBSD 32GB maxmini, Mini-OTGresistive8006004x31600mAhrNob/g/nNo
GT78 $169.997Telechips 8902 800Mhz *600 max no2.1Augen256MB2GBmicroSD 16GB maxMini not hostrestive80048016x91500 o r2100Nob/gNo
A81E $199.997TI OMAP3 CORTEX A8 600MHz?2.2MerimobilesDDR2 256MB2GB??Restive80048016x93000 mAh?g/b?
M001 $95.507WM8505 @ 315MHzNo1.6Deal ExtremeDDR2 128MB2GBSDHC 16GB Max30 pin Host.resistive80048016x92400 mAhbuilt inb/g/nNo
M003 $132.968WM8505 350MHzNo1.6DX128 MB2GBmicsoSD 16 GB maxFull size hostresistive8006004x33000 mAhBuilt inb/gNo
Gnome_V2 ~$1207"WM8905 533?No1.6?256MB2GBMicroSD 32GB 2 USBresistive80048016x92400mAhyesb/g.3MP
M002 ~$1207"WM8905 No1.6ekengroup.com128MB2GMicroSD 16GB30-pinresistive80048016x93000mAhbuilt inb/gno
MIDX(5,6) ~$1507"TCC8902 720MHz yes2.1 HSG256MB4GMicroSD 16GB?resistive80048016x92600mAhbuilt inb/g?HDMI 6 has 3g GPS, 3 buttons on front.
M701 ~$1507"TCC8902 720MHz yes2.1 haipad256MB2GMicroSD 16GBMini, Mini-OTGresistive80048016x92600mAhbuilt inb/g?No HDMI, Accelerometer one button on front.
ZT-180 ~$199.0010.2"ZT-180 1GHzyes2.1JTShop DDR2 256MB2GBMicroSD 16GBMiniresistive102460016x92600mAh?b/gyesHDMI?
SmartQ V7 ~229.007"TCC88902 720MHzyes2.1MP4Nation DDR2 256MB2GBMicroSD 32GBMini,Mini-OTGresistive80048016x94500mAhYesb/gnoHDMI
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