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Please take a few moments to read through this wiki. Posting questions to the forums that are easily answered here will only annoy other users.

A lot of time and thought have gone into making this wiki as helpful to newbies who are brand new to the Pandigital Novel as well as serving as a repository that contains important information gleaned from the many, many forum threads that veterans also find useful. If, after reading through the wiki you still have questions, use the search function in the forums to search for a thread that deals with your question. Still haven't found your answer after some due diligence? Then the posting a question in the forum will be appropriate and keep you from getting referred to either a previous thread or this wiki.

The knowledge you gain here will familiarize you with some of the technical jargon and narrow your search down so your questions will be informed and intelligent - which is not only appreciated by the more senior members, but helps them help you more efficiently.

Thank you in advance for following these guidelines. Enjoy your Novel!



PDN Wiki Index
Introduction to the Pandigital Novel
Pandigital Novel Hacking
Pandigital Novel Software
Pandigital Novel Hardware Modification
Pandigital Novel Version
Pandigital Planet Wiki NEW for 2011 (Market Access available, custom ROMs coming soon.)


Tablet Specification



The PD Novel debuted from Dublin based Pandigital, Inc. in Spring of 2010 with initial plans to ship 1.6 million units by year's end. The White PDN eReader (which also plays video and music, surfs the web and handles eMail) opened to mixed reviews as a device "somewhere between the Kindle and the iPad." Benny Evangelista, SF.Chronicle

In May 2010 the 12 year old digital photo-frame maker leveraged its established distribution network through retailers Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's, Macy's and Costco to release the White PDN in cooperation with Barnes and Noble's eBook store, allowing the buyer access to millions of titles downloadable over its built-in WiFi. With sale prices usually under $150, well under the cost of an iPad or Kindle and even undercutting Barns and Noble's own Nook by $20 or more, despite claims by other device manufacturers it is truly the world's first affordable color eReader right out of the box.

At its core is an 800mhz Samsung s3c6410xh-53 1009 ARM processor running Android 2.0 (Eclair) on a 7" resistive touch screen. The lighter, yet underpowered Black PDN was to become available by June but was not seen in stores until August. Enthusiasts were quickly disappointed when the Black one was found to be harder to hack than the White one, had no major hardware improvements and was running on the less advanced Android 1.5 (Cupcake) operating system. QVC also marketed a multi-colored PDN, which is essentially the same as the Black device with a larger internal sd card. There is a Canadian version too which connects to Kobo and Borders instead of B&N and comes unlocked with a vanilla Android OS (1.5) interface. There is also a Nine Inch version running Eclair that our developers are just beginning to dissect, but is still considered inferior to the White for overall functionality.

More on The Black One and QVC units.

Unless otherwise indicated, all references below refer to the White PDN.

By July 2010, news that the PDN had been hacked and could now function as a full-featured Android tablet had exploded throughout the tech savvy internet, and development continues towards installing Android 2.1/2.2 (Froyo) on the device despite complete lack of support from Pandigital, Inc. who have still not released their source code as required by the Android GPL disregarding nearly a year of continued requests. Email them, and let them know this is still unacceptable.

Summary of Features

  • White Novel Dimensions
    • 19.05cm x 13.9cm x 1.27cm (7.5 x 5.5 x .5 inches)
    • 539 grams (19 ounces)
  • CPU: Samsung s3c6410xh-53 1009 ARM (533MHz)(800 MHz) with F/W 7/24 & later
  • DAC: Analog Devices SSM2602
  • Operating system:
    • Android 2.0
    • Latest SDK Build number : 5
  • Support for other operating systems
    • Linux Ubuntu has been installed on the White PDN, but found to be "painfully slow." This should be considered a development "Proof of Concept" only.
  • SD Card Slot: 32GB max (per mfr.)
  • WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
  • Headphone: Yes
  • Reset: Yes
  • Accelerometer
    • Yes (detects rotation)
    • Yes/No Shake in Game Mode
  • USB hosting: No
  • HDMI: No
  • Microphone: No
  • 3G: No
  • Ethernet:No
  • Bluetooth: No
  • GPS: No
  • Camera: No


  • Button/ Connection Layout
    • Face: No buttons; Light sensor/charge indicator
    • Top Side: On/Off slide switch; Reset; Mini USB (2.0 required); SD/MMC
    • Bottom Side: 2 Speakers (only 1 on Black PDN), 3.5mm (1/8") Headphone Jack
    • Left Side: Power connector (size "H" coaxial power connector, 12vdc)
    • Right Side: Volume Up/Down
  • Shell configurations
    • Plastic. White/Black/"QVC" Multi-color
  • Storage
    • RAM: 256MB
    • Internal: 512MB NAND (approx. 190mb available for use)
    • Internal MicroSD: 1gb (replaceable / upgradeable up to 32GB). Used by stock PanDigital software.
    • External: SD card up to 32GB
  • Touch Screen
    • Resistive, single touch
    • 14.3cm x 10.8cm (7" diagonal)
    • 600 x 800 Pixels
  • Battery
    • McNair MLP385085-2S 1600mAh 7.4v [1]
    • Total 1600mAh
      • approx 2 hrs continious use Wi/Fi On (calculated)
      • approx 3 hrs continious use Wi/Fi Off (calculated)
      • much longer when sleeping or screen off
  • Power Supply
    • 12vdc 1.5 amp to size "H" coaxial power connector (older WPDNs)
    • 5vdc 2.0 amp to size "H" coaxial power connector (new R7T40WWHF1)
  • Power Draw (measured at charge jack)
    • 900ma - screen on with wifi on
    • 750ma - screen on with wifi off
    • 500ma - device sleeping and battery charging (orange LED)
    • 30ma - device sleeping and battery fully charged (green LED)
  • Inside the Novel
  • Similar Devices
    • Velocity Micro Cruz Reader: Despite a couple of cosmetic differences, it is considered a rebadge of the Pandigital Novel.

Retail Locations & Price



Get the latest info and see some customized cases made by your fellow Pandiginuts in this discussion.

  • Pandigital Gel Cover: White cover available at local Bed, Bath & Beyond for $15; Green, Purple & Black available online at for $20 + $9.25 shipping. JCPenny is also selling covers online. Note: Novel does not fit well in stand once fitted.
  • Pandigital Faux Leather Case: Black available at local Bed, Bath & Beyond for $30. Pink and Red available online at for $40 + $9.25 shipping.
  • Belkin Portfolio Sleeve - Created for Kindle (model F8N098) $15 Target Clearance [3]
  • Body Glove E-Reader Travel Case $30 [4]
  • Body Glove Protective E-Reader Case $15 [5]
  • Custom Pandigital Novel Case by shellvollaro on Etsy $30 [6]
  • Case Logic Sony Touch Edition $15-$30 [7] Also available at Best Buy. Center insert can be pulled out to fit the Novel.
  • M-Edge Touring Sleeve for Amazon Kindle $30 [8] Available at Best Buy.
  • Merkury Innovations Zipper Case for Sony Reader $13 [9]

Screen Protectors

Power Supply


Contact Information

  • Pandigital Support Center
  • Phone: (1-800) 715-5354
  • Monday - Friday 10am -7pm EST
  • Saturday 10am - 4pm EST
  • Official Pandigital Novel FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

User Manuals

eReader Software Tips

Modifying the Novel (White)

Disclaimer & Warnings
  • Doing any of these hacks, of course, is AT YOUR OWN RISK and could brick your device! You have been warned!

Neither authors of this Wiki nor of the various modifications referred to and linked herein shall be liable for any damages to your device resulting from following their instructions (correctly or not).

New User Guides


Designed for users new not only to the PDN, but the Android Operating System. If this is your first Android device this short primer is indispensable.
Learn how to turn your simple eReader into a fully functional hand-held computer in less time than it takes to read about it.
(Discussion of The Black and QVC models found below)


White PDN (SH20 series FW) New Users LOOK HERE (3/1/11) New Homescreen pictures with icon explanations. Must see getting started beginner basics.
Current/Popular Alternate Firmware Mods and Patches
Index/Sticky for the latest developer innovations.
START HERE. Beginner's Guide to the White PDN (Pre-2011 FW)
Update to the 8/28 Newbies Guide with an emphasis on this Wiki and the two preferred methods of hacking the novel for new users unfamiliar with command line and adb.
Newbies Guide To Getting Started As Of 8/28/10
Basic overview and outline for beginners. Includes links to community generated altered firmware, hacks and a narrative of the current state of the SlateDroid Enabled White PDN Modifications that have progressed beyond the development-only (alpha) stage which are incorporated in this Wiki
New *fun*ctions for the experienced users
Links and short explanations of the Software Notification Bar Button Hack and the Beta of the Cruz Reader Alternate UI for the WPDN.
Slatedroid Pandigital Novel Tablet Discussion
Main Discussion Boards (Don't be afraid to use the advanced search feature. Please read around before asking questions that probably have already been answered.)
Newbie How To Guides - Detailed with many of your questions already answered throughout the thread.

Software Modification

Operating System

Guides and Fixes for All Slates

*Fix Market For Slates

(obsolete ugly market hack, but good reading)

*Flash ROM

(this section needs to be rebuilt)

*Use WebShare app to transfer Files

*Change Key Mapping

Others Guides

Hardware Modification

The Black One

There is now a Wiki page dedicated to the Black and QVC PDNs.

The Black Pandigital Novel (BPDN) was not a newer/better version of the PDN from a performance standpoint. It is harder to hack, and runs a less advanced version of the Android Operating System (1.5 "Cupcake" instead of the White's 2.0 "Eclair").

Strictly as an eReader, the Black PDN has some advantages, mostly in weight, feel and screen texture. Unfortunately overall responsiveness is inferior to the White PDN and as a hacked Android tablet development of the Black one has mostly been abandoned in favor of the more powerful/versatile White PDN.

NOTE that QVC sold a multi-colored version of the PDN, but except for the increase in size of the internal storage memory (not ram) to 4gb, it is basically the same device as the BPDN.

However, there are some options for BPDN owners to modify their device
Modded Firmwares
Direct Link: Frenzee v.2
Direct Link to a stable, Flashable Altered Firmware for BPDN ver 1.2.0 BPDN

On October 9, 2010, Pandigital issued an Open Platform Kit for the Black PDN. polaris_update.dat No instructions come with the BPDN Open Platform solution, but changing the name of the extension from .dat to .zip reveals a recognizable Android Firmware-Update structure. Further discussion can be found here.


The main PDN Wiki Hacking Page has a section on Quirks, Tips, & Troubleshooting. Sometimes what you think is a bug is actually a well known feature of the device ... or visa versa. Often, there's an easy fix too.

Trouble with Market Access is dealt with in the Advanced Hacking section - but there are some easy tricks. And panengineer has a No Matching Content Market Fix for SH20 FWs.

If you find yourself stuck on a blank screen or the little Android man won't go away, check the Quirks, Tips, & Troubleshooting section before you panic. Believe it or not it's difficult to completely brick this device. Most of the time you can restore all the original functionality to the PDN simply by flashing a copy of the stock firmware. Sometimes you have to do that twice... and a paperclip inserted into the reset button-hole is your friend.

Finally, if you flashed the firmware for the VM Cruz on your PDN (by accident? cuz you really, really shouldn't) and are stuck in a boot-loop, try this procedure.

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