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Gentouch History


The Augen Gentouch started as a mystery tablet that was appeared in a Kmart circular in the week of 7/25/10.

Expired Sale Kmart Link

Kmart Store Link

Sears Link

The Gentouch specifications were kept secret until today(7/26/10) When the Augen official website became online. Gentouch Site.

The device features a very thin tablet screen(thinner than Pandigital Noval) and 720P video playback. During the first week of the device many stores did not have it in stock.

  • (7/27/10) Augen has announced that these devices are starting to ship today. RainChecks are available at Kmart to reserve a unit until they arrive.
  • (7/27/10) Looks like people are starting to receive their tablets today.
  • (7/28/10) No one in the Eastern US have gotten theirs yet due to delayed shipment.
  • (7/29/10) More people are starting to receive and I received mine as well.
  • (8/04/10) Augen released first update for the Gentouch78 including a Calibration app for better touchscreen performance.
  • (8/07/10) Augen releases statement that Google Apps (Gmail,Maps etc) were mistakenly put on the device as did not have Googles permission and that further runs of the device would not include them, but would have an alternate market. Statement can be found here: Augen News.
  • (8/10/10) After this point many thought the Augen Gentouch78 was pulled from stores due to the Google Apps, but this product is stocked and replenished in many stores through out August.
  • (8/21/10) Augen releases second update for Gentouch78. This one fix the factory reset option. It also added volume, back, and home buttons in the notification bar. Brightness settings were fixed, and an improved calibration app.
  • (9/03/10) Augen released what they thought was source for then Gentouch78 complying with GPL licensing. However the file released did not contain source and they are still working on doing so.

Augen GenTouch78 Wiki Twitter account

Augen GenTouch78 Wiki is now on Twitter @GTwiki. Now you won't have to keep checking the wiki everyday for updates. Just follow the Augen GenTouch78 Wiki on Twitter for the latest info.

Media Coverage/Written Reviews



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Video Reviews


First Hands On

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Taking the Gentouch Apart-Internal Electronics

The Pros/Cons/FAQ


  • 1. The Augen Gentouch is very easy to navigate the internet. From saved bookmarks to zoom, it has everything you need to browse the web.
  • 2. YouTube quality is high and navigation is surprisingly simple. Searching for videos, posting comments and uploading your own videos are all relatively straight forward and almost on the same level as the iPhone/iPad version of the app.
  • 3. Google Maps is very useful on the rich 7 inch screen. Directions to street view are all possible and work without fault.
  • 4. The case is nice and sturdy and is held on by magnets.
  • 5. Can view pictures very well.
  • 6. The stylus can be removed from a hole in the back of the device.
  • 7. The WiFi works well, with limited testing. Re-enables quickly after sleep/power-on and supports WPA2/AES using a DD-WRT WAP.


Some of these problems can be fixed with future firmware updates/patch files. Please look further down the wiki for more info.

  • 1.There is no HDMI port on the Augen gentouch. However further analysis has shown that a HDMI can be soldered on and used if proper drivers are found.
  • 2. There is no Accelerometer so playing racing games is useless.
  • 3. The micro sd card slot is not properly aligned with the device so that taking out/putting is micro sd cards is a pain in the butt.
  • 4. The headphone port is size 2.5mm where typical headphones are 3.5mm/1/8", so you would have to get a adapter to get it to work.
  • 5.The android marketplace cannot download apps because it hangs there when downloading.(will fixed in future) SEE FIX BELOW.
  • 6. Some people had reports of a faulty/crappy speaker. However I found mine to be just fine, however I found a simple fix to it. Just restart your device if your speaker craps out.
  • 7.You cannot connect a mouse/keyboard/flash drive/hardrive to the Augen even instruction manual says it does(will fixed in future)
  • 8. Skype is useless since the device doesnt have a microphone, it can only be used to chat/text.
  • 9. The device is slightly warm to the touch, when running on battery, When running on AC power, it is very warm to the touch (like the bottom of a laptop).
  • 10. Once an application changes the orientation to portait mode (such as ACV), the device stays that way even after closing the app. To fix, you need to go back into the application and re-rotate to correct. (Use APP RotateD to rotate screen)
  • 11. Mac Address is same for every unit. 00:03:7F:0E:A2:19. Can't have more than one on a network. - Fixed in v3 update by most reports.

Reason For Gentouch Problems

Augen had not planned to release this device until September. They thought they would have over a month to work on them before they shipped to Kmart. Then they were told Kmart printed the ad, and wanted them on the shelves now. So they rushed them out.

One would say, well why rush them out, just tell Kmart to retract the ad, etc. Then you think that this is a small company that has only been around 6 years. This is probably one of their big breaks, and they got pushed into doing as Kmart wanted.

From those I have spoke with, they are working daily to get the updates out. They seem to be testing, and making sure what they release is solid. If when the update comes out, and for the most part is stable, I will believe then that this company has true aspirations of having a usable Android tablet on the market for a great price.

(Thanks to cpg716 for pointing this out)

Updates from Augen

Update 1(7/28/10)

Dear Kmart Shoppers, Thank you for showing your support and interest in our GENTOUCH78 Tablet. We became aware of the technical difficulties over the past 24 hours, and we will be posting an update for a patch to the software at the following link: under latest download files within the next 48 hours.

Just to mention a few technical difficulties we have found and are patching are:

the memory size of 284mb not being shown as 2GB will be corrected as this is a glitch in the software.

Android Market place not being able to download apps will be fixed in this patch, as this is a glitch in the software. As of right now the operating system and pre-loaded applications are using .5 Gb so the available space displayed should be approximately 1.5GB.

To solve the issue with the headphone jack being to small for a 3.5 mm headphone connection, we ask you to send us an email to with your Name, Adress, eMail Adress along with a proof of purchase. We will be sending you at our expense the 2.5 mm headphones to go along with the unit within 15-20 days.

Thank you for your support,

Daniel Gofman Vice President Augen Electronics Corp.

  • Edit(7/29/10) Looks like patch will also fix sd card issues, usb issues, touchscreen issues and accelerometer issues.

Update 2(7/30/10)

Dear Augen Customers (Gen Nation),

We are aggressively working on the patch to address the identified issues. We can assure you that the patch will be available shortly. However, we did supply you with instructions on how to install the USB drivers for the Windows Operating System ( no drivers are required for MAC OS). These drivers will allow the GENTOUCH78 to connect and be recognized by your desktop/laptop using the Windows Operating System. In addition we recently made available a walk through on how to view and use your micro SD card for the device, which we have become aware there has been some confusion. You can find these updates at the following link: under latest download files. We want to make it a great experience for our customers. We apologize for disappointing some of you, and we are doing our best to make it a great experience at Augen.

Thank you for your support,

Daniel Gofman Vice President Augen Electronics Corp.

Update (8/5/10)

The new Patch due by the end of the week of August 8 will fix the following things:

  • Android market
  • Touch screen adjust function
  • Factory default setting.
  • Windows 7 USB driver.
  • Add volume control by software
  • Flash Balance memory
  • Add "Back" button by software
  • Add screen take picture function by software
  • Add green robot picture when machine Power on

Edit(8/11/10)The New update will be released August 20. Once again delayed because of the Google License Problem.

Edit (8/17/10) Augen has informed a user via their support chat that the upcoming 8/20 patch will only fix the Factory default setting problem however it might also fix the following features(slight chance)

Update (8/7/10) The Pirated Google Problem

This is Augen's response to the Google pirated platform:

Augen Electronics Corp., an innovator of tablet pc’s, netbooks, and eReaders, would like to deliver the following statement to address the circulating media gossip regarding Augen’s preloaded apps.

On July, 29 2010 Augen had a constructive conversation with Google Inc. The topic of the discussion was Google’s Application Suite. As you know, Google Inc. has released the source code for the entire Android platform under the flexible and commercial-friendly Apache 2.0 open source license. Augen is free to use that open source code; however, the suite of applications comprising Google Mobile Services on Android are proprietary to Google and have not been released under open source licenses. The Google Mobile Service and Android Apps were pre installed during the development process on our tablets for testing purposes, and were not removed unintentionally before releasing the products in the market place.

Google and Augen came to a mutual understanding that the Google Mobile Services Application Suite pre-installed on the GENTOUCH/ GENBOOK Series; could not be removed due to technological constraints for the products that were sold, shipped, or already produced.

For future production runs and deliveries, Augen will block and remove the Google Mobile Services Application Suite from the current devices until further notice. We are currently in communication with Google Inc. to obtain the required licensing for upcoming products, and will announce in our future statements the timelines and availability of these products as it will become available to us. However, for your convenience Augen will add applications to accommodate the absence of the Google Mobile Services Application Suite.


The future of Augen holds a key to develop market conscious products with a vision of delivering the latest and emerging technologies, being available and affordable to every household, big/small corporation in the United States of America and worldwide.

We are at the final stages of releasing an entire new line of products which incorporates the newest technology and concepts, that will make a difference in your every day lives. We encourage you our Gen Nation, to follow the exciting products that Augen will be unveiling in the very near future. We are here to put the world at your fingertips and take you beyond the realm of the market that exists today, bringing you with us into a new era of open world communication and computing.

We are a US based company and understand and incorporate your wishes, desires, and requirements in our company’s DNA. We are here for you and are looking for your continued support, and excitement in our current and future releases.

Gary Gofman CEO Augen Electronics Corp.

Tablet Specification

Runs Android 2.1

Price range

updated: 8/29/10

The price is $169.99 at Kmart Kmart Link


  • Dimensions
    • Length x Width x thickness (Metric preferred for consistency)
      • 18.7cm x 11.81cm x 1.62cm
    • Weight in grams
      • 12.2g
  • CPU: Telechips 8902 @ 600 Mhz (box and website says 800 Mhz, user tests so far have shown 600 Mhz)
  • Operating system:
    • Android 2.1
    • Kernel Number 2.6.29
  • Support for other operating systems
    • none planned


  • Button/ Connection Layout
    • Face
      • none
    • Top Side
      • none
    • Bottom Side
      • none
    • Left Side
      • none
    • Right Side
      • Power Jack, Power/lock button, mini usb, 2.5mm audio jack (cell phone size)
    • Back
      • top right corner(Face up) has Menu, Search, Home, Back
      • Bottom Right (Face up) Reset
      • Top almost middle is Speaker
  • Shell configurations
    • (plastic, black)

CPU Telechips 8902


  • 256 MB DDR2

Internal storage

  • 2 GB(the device settings say only 356mb)DAM

Touch Screen

  • input type
    • resistive, single touch
  • screen size
    • 7"
  • screen resolution
    • 800 Pixels x 480 Pixels 16x9 Aspect Ratio


  • 2100mah battery (some people are receiving their GenTouch78 with 1500mah batteries)
    • 5 hours standby time
      • video: 2-3 hours


  • USB hosting
    • 1st port can connect a hardrive or USB memory device
  • HDMI
    • No HDMI(but where Connecters are, HDMI sticker is there-but no port!)
  • SD Card Slot type
    • only micro SD slot(card can get stuck in there forever)-faulty design
  • microphone
    • no microphone
  • 3G
    • No 3G :(
  • wifi
    • yes,wireless B/G
  • ethernet
    • no ethernet
  • bluetooth
    • No bluetooth
  • GPS
    • no GPS
  • Headphone
    • 2.5 size headphone jack(very odd)
  • Reset
    • Reset button on back
  • Camera(s)
    • No Camera
  • Accelerometer
    • none

Video/Audio Formats-Working/Not Working

Here are some video formats that will run/wont work on the Gentouch.

  • MP4 iPod Touch encoded videos (using Handbrake) play smoothly on the device. Even 4:3 full screen MP4s that the PDN has issues with.
  • Decodes MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, FLAC and WAV files competently.
  • Cannot get it to play .AVI video files or MKV files with stock video player. Meridian must be used for .avi (divx or xvid).

Accessories Included

  • Leather Carrying Case
  • Usb cable(cannot charge through USB)
  • AC Power Charger

Simple Case Modification

The provided case with the Gentouch is very good quality. However, I did not like how it opens/unfolds out leaving the screen exposed. So what I did is I made a pouch out of it. All is required:superglue/gorilla glue.Just glue all plastic legs from bottom to top and let it dry and simply slide the Gentouch in and out of the case.

Here is the Augen stock case.
Just add some glue on this leg.
Some more glue on the other leg
The case no longer unfolds leaving the device intact as a pouch. Mission Accomplished.

2.5MM to 3.5MM Headphone Adapter(Not included)Must Buy Separately

Headphone Adapter

Since the Augen Gentouch does not a have a standard 3.5MM headphone port you must buy an adapter such as this one to make standrad headphones work.

Or To solve the issue with the headphone jack being too small for a 3.5 mm headphone connection, we ask you to send us an email to with your Name, Adress, eMail Adress along with a proof of purchase. We will be sending you at our expense the 2.5 mm headphones to go along with the unit within 15-20 days. All future products that will be manufactured will have the new patch and a 2.5mm earbud to go along with the unit.

List of Compatible Applications

All of these apps/games work but may not launch in full screen/may not have full features.


  • Raging Thunder
  • Raging Thunder 2
  • Monkey Kick
  • Robo Defense
  • Gameboid


  • Astro File Manager
  • Quick Boot
  • Titanium Backup
  • Yelp
  • Weatherbug
  • Zillow
  • Kindle
  • Aldiko
  • Twidroid
  • beautiful widgets
  • swype
  • tunewiki
  • slideme
  • pandora
  • dropbox
  • fox news
  • imdb
  • advanced task killer free
  • audio manager widget
  • battery left
  • connectbot
  • graffiti for android
  • linpack
  • nook
  • quandrant standard
  • root explorer
  • tv guide
  • Dolphin Web Browser
  • WebSharing
  • Wallr lite
  • Sam 3.5 ( market app)
  • aLogcat
  • Android System Info
  • Cleandroid
  • Cpu Monitor Mini 1.0.2
  • Nook
  • WolframAlpha QuickLaunch
  • More Icons Widget
  • Advanced Task Killer
  • Advanced Task Manger
  • Fast Reboot
  • Skyfire
  • Rotate
  • Nubinews
  • TV Listings
  • Newspapers
  • Gomarks
  • Drudge Report
  • Finance
  • istocksmanager

How To/Troubleshooting(Support)


Augen Gentouch User Manual

Augen Gentouch 78 User Manual

Recovery and Backup

Install Clockwork Recovery GT78

GT78 Nandroid Backup

How to Get Youtube High Quality App

Download and install this updated Youtube Applications and you will get Youtube HQ.

Youtube HQ Download

You can tell the HQ youtube app is installed because you'll get an HQ button in the bottom right hand corner when playing a video.

How to get Volume Control

Use a program called Roy Volume Control

Press and hold search button to get volume control

How to Rotate Apps in Portrait Mode

  • Open apps you want to rotate
  • Open ES File explorer
  • Press Menu Button
  • Tap More
  • Tap Flip Orientation
  • If nothing happened Tap More and Flip again until it does.
  • Press and hold Home button so open apps are shown
  • Tap on App you want.
  • App is now rotated.
  • Repeat to Flip back.

(thanks to mogrith for finding this out)

How to Make all Apps run Full screen

Sometimes when you open an app it will appear in a windowed screen. To make it full screen, the fix takes 10 seconds

  • Launch the "Spare Parts" Application then uncheck the "Compatibility Mode".
  • Just reboot the device after this and the application will be fullscreen.

How to Make wallpaper that fits

I have found out how to make custom wallpaper for my GenTouch.

Needed Apps: Photoshop or GIMP or any photo editing program you like Flikie 3d Gallery Flikie Wallpapers HD

Other things: Temp1

On you computer:

  • 1.)You need to find a wallpaper you like works best if it is(try 800x480).
  • 2.)Next you will need to resize it to 490x235 then save it.
  • 3.)Next open temp1 and copy paste you resized wallpaper to the bottom of the black box then save as a jpeg.
  • 4.) Install Flikie 3d Gallery and Flikie Wallpapers HD then put your new wallpaper on to your SDcard(try using DropBox see my post here).

On your GenTouch

  • 1.)Install Flikie 3d Gallery and Flikie Wallpapers HD then put your new wallpaper on to your SDcard(try using DropBox see my post here Dropbox & Android).
  • 2.)Next open Gallery(not 3d Gallery but the default picture viewing app ) find your new wallpaper in there open it then touch “Set as” then touch “Wallpaper Flikie Wallpapers HD” . Know go back to home and you wallpaper is do.

Here is a wallpaper I made HERE

Flikie 3d Gallery Flikie Wallpapers HD temp1

Market 1.6 Fix

Recommend using Non-Ugly fix instead. Non-Ugly Fix

Try this at your own risk!! By trying this FIX you take full responsibility to anything that happens to your GenTouch78

Get Android Market Working (credit to junk0, LincKraker, HTC6800, NCommander, and clockworx) Before you start, you need:

  • • ADB Installed - Guide HERE
  • • You don't need to have root, but I would recommend it. Guide HERE


  • 1. Download Vending.apk and place in \tools folder of the SDK
  • 2. (OPTIONAL) - Backup /data to your computer - adb pull /data c:\tablet\data (or wherever you want to backup /data to on your computer) - if it fails, do an adb remount and try again
  • 3. adb push Vending.apk /sdcard
  • 4. adb shell
  • 5. mv /system/app/Vending.apk /system/app/Vending.bak
  • 6. cat /sdcard/Vending.apk > /system/app/Vending.apk
  • 7. cd /data
  • 8. rm -r *
  • 9. ls
  • 10. There will still be files in there, so rm -r whatever_folders_are_left (do 1 at a time - and lost+found cannot be deleted, don't worry)
  • 11. Reboot Tablet
  • 12. When the Tablet comes back up, tap on Setup Wizard, if prompted and keep taping Skip
  • 13. If it asks a 2nd time to setup a Google Account, press the Home Button
  • 14. Connect to Wifi
  • 15. Launch Market and sign into your Google Account - !Wait until the "sync" icon goes away in the top bar before you do anything in Market!
  • 16. Once sync has completed, download an app from the Market Place, give it up a minute to start downloading. If it downloads, do Menu > Downloads and try to update an app (if you have apps in there)
  • 17. If that works, reboot and make sure you can still download apps from the Market. If you can, GREAT - go to Step 29. If not, go to Step 18.
  • 18. If Market still doesn't work, we need to generate and AndroidID via an Android Emulator and write it to the Gentouch78.
  • 19. Follow this guide and stop following the directions when it gets past the boot animation. Be sure to make the image using the Android 1.6 API (v4), NOT the Android 2.1 API (v7).
  • 20. Go to the Android SDK and navigate to /platforms/android-4/images and change the name of system.img to system.img.old.
  • 21. Download this file and put it in the Android SDK in /platforms/android-4/images.
  • 22. Fire up the Android Emulator again, open Market, and sign in with your Google Account.
  • 23. Make sure your tablet is unplugged, we are going to use ADB again and we need to ADB into the Emulator.
  • 24. Type adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "select * from meta";
  • 25. You will get an AndroidID - PUT THIS NUMBER SOMEWHERE! - we are going to replace the one in the Gentouch78 with this!
  • 26. Close the Emulator completely and plug in your Gentouch78.
  • 27. Type adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "update meta set intvalue='AndroidID_from_emulator' where name='androidId'"; (replace AndroidID_from_emulator with the AndroidID we generated from the Emulator)
  • 28. Disconnect Gentouch and reboot
  • 29. Once it powers back up, adb shell
  • 30. busybox umount /cache
  • 31. mkdir /data/cache (only have to do this once)
  • 32. busybox chmod 777 /data/cache (only have to do this once)
  • 33. busybox mount -o bind /data/cache /cache
  • 34. Launch Market and download a small app and an app over 1Mb
  • 35. Enjoy a working Market!!!

How to repair fix from device after reboot The device can be updated right on the device assuming you are rooted. Launch "Terminal Emulator" (Either via "Dev Tools" which is already on it or via a standalone download from market.)

Enter the commands: su busybox umount /cache busybox mount -o bind /data/cache /cache

Market 2.0 Fix

[Update: 09/05/2010] - is now hosting the charisma emulator again. To properly see the Android 2.0 API 5 ( Obsolete ) packages, make sure that when listing "Available Packages" that the "Display updates only" is disabled. If it still doesn't display.

1. Surf to the following address in a browser. Chrome, for instance,

Once the browser windows fills with text, leave the browser window open.

2. Go to Step 1 below and again make sure that "Display updates only" is DE-SELECTED. The list should now populate with Android 2.0 API 5. [/Update 09/05/2010]

Try this at your own risk!! By trying this FIX you take full responsibility to anything that happens to your GenTouch78

(credit to Skippy)

First you will need to do the Market 1.6 Fix above

  • 1. Open SDK Setup when asked what packages to install, choose SDK Platform 2.0, API 5 (Obsolete). Download and install
  • 2. Go to virtual devices, click new, name it, “GT_market_2.0” (without the “”) Target: Android 2.0, api5 and click Create AVD
  • 3. After creating go to your C:\android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-5\images dir and overwrite the System.img with the one
  • 4. Next goto you android-sdk-windows folder and hit and hold shift the right click, then click on “open command window here”
  • 5. Now in the cmd window type “emulator -avd GT_market_2.0 -system charisma_system.img” without the “” the emulator will open
  • 6. Skip at the config screen, when the device opend to the main scree, open market.
  • 7. Put in your information and accept the EULA, the market should open and go away.
  • 8. Open command prompt(see step 4.)
  • 9. go to your C:\android-sdk-windows\tools and run the below command (your tablet must be disconnected):adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "select * from meta";
  • 10. A code will come up. save the code, close the emulator. plug your augen back in
  • 11. type this into your command prompt:adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "update meta set intvalue='AndroidID_from_emulator' where name='androidId'"; (replace AndroidID_from_emulator with the AndroidID we generated from the Emulator)
  • 12. Reset device. DONE!!!!

Non-ugly Market Fix (Easiest to do)

(credit to clockworx)

  • PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you wipe your device and start from factory fresh for this to work correctly. Also make a Clockwork nandroid backup before doing chances to your device.


  • 1) You'll need to remount system as R/W regardless. so let's start with that:

"adb remount"

  • 2) If you want to start over clean, I'd recommend clearing market cache and killing your existing android ID.

adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "update meta set intvalue='0' where name='androidId'";

To clear market cache: Settings-Manage Applications-press menu button-choose "Filter" choose "All" Scroll down to Market and select it choose "Clear Cache"

  • 3) Apply this hack

"adb push framework.jar /system/framework/"

  • 4) Since we replaced a main framework, clear dalvik cache just to be safe, and reboot. Yes, the first reboot will take longer since we just cleared the cache.

"adb shell rm -r /data/dalv*" "adb shell reboot"

  • 5) Go ahead and log into Google Talk and use the Market to ensure all is working.

framework.jar framework.jar

old jar file if you need it framework-old.jarRename it back to framework.jar

PandoraDroid - Tab by: JesterDroid(GT rom)

This is the Avatar Theme'd rom mod using the latest Lincsv3

first things first....... Quote: Please Keep Thread on topic Please keep this a friendly thread Please do some research before you post & please enjoy!!! Thanks go out to Lincs, Cyanogen, Anderwebs, HTCClay, AndroidSpin, Augen & ClockworkMod

Disclaimer.... "I am not responsible for any bricks or any damages done to your Android Tablet/Device"

PandoraDroid - Tab by: JesterDroid

Firmware Updates/Patches

Usb driver/Sd Card Patch Files

Driver Files Click Here

64 Bit Windows Files Click Here

Fixes usb driver files on pc so that you can connect Augen through USB. Download and install.

Augen App Store Update

Apps Store Files Click Here

Fixes that you get an official Augen store to download apps/games. This is not the Market Fix!

Augen Touch Screen Calibration Files/Usb Charging/System Recovery

Calibration Files Click Here

Gives you an application to Touchscreen Calibration, adds Usb charging to the Device, it also gives you an recovery option.

Augen Volume/Splash Screen/Reset/Google Wipe Update

New Update Files Click Here - UPDATED 9/2/10

Installation instructions PDF


  • New splash screen (android bot guy),
  • New buttons on top notification bar (volume, home, back, etc)
  • Improved touchscreen calibration app.
  • Working factory reset.
  • Brightness settings now work.
  • Internal storage now displayed correctly.
  • Lock screen now updated to full screen.
  • Improved Wifi.

This is version 3 of the update. Google apps are no longer removed by his update. If you install version 2, then it will remove Google Apps.

Linckraker modified update and fixes

This is the AUGEN v3 update with Clockwork recovery installed, you would install per the same was as the normal v3 posted above. This was done by Linckraker from and #augenmod-dev irc channel on

Download here: Augen v3 update/clockwork recovery

This clockwork recovery update will do the following:

  • Restore working google apps.
  • Cache fix needed for working market, you must also do the market fix located here: Non-Ugly Market Fix
  • Android pirate boot splash screen.]
  • Root device and install Super User app.
  • Apps removal listed below.
  • Apps added listed below.

Download this file: Clockwork Update

  • 1.Copy this zip to the SDcard. No need to rename this file as it can be installed AS IS.
  • 2.Power down the device
  • 3.Boot into Clockwork Recovery (holding down the HOME button while powering up the device)
  • 4.Select install zip from sdcard
  • 5.Select choose zip from sdcard (it may take a min or so for clockwork to mount your sdcard so if it says no sdcard present just wait and try again)
  • 6.Select the zip file you want to flash.
  • 7.Once completed reboot.

Features for

  • Apps removed from /system/data:
  • AndExplorer.apk
  • AndroidPdfViewer_1_0_0b.apk
  • DroidLive205.apk
  • fringAndroid.apk
  • Hi_MSN_6_0_5.apk
  • iReader.apk
  • quickoffice.apk
  • StreamMediaPlayer.apk

Apps added to /system/data:

  • 3D.Gallery.apk [NEW]
  • CustomLocale.apk
  • Development.apk
  • Email.apk
  • GlobalTime.apk
  • Gmail.apk
  • GmailProvider.apk
  • Maps.apk
  • MarketUpdater.apk
  • RotateD.apk
  • SettingsProvider.apk
  • SpareParts.apk
  • Superuser.apk
  • Talk.apk
  • TalkProvider.apk
  • Vending.apk
  • YouTube.apk

Other items:

  • boot.img with /cache fix Updated my boot.img. this now has a working /cache fix.
  • root access
  • pirate andy
  • hosts file to block some ads [NEW]

Updating and fixes are applied at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for bricking your device. Always make a backup before installing any new fixes or updates.

Petition to Augen US to release the Gentouch 78 Source Code

Augen Gentouch 78 Source Code Petition

To ask that Augen have the source for the GenTouch be made available to the user community as per GPL. Please lend a hand, and pass the word along. Thanks. ... Please Re-post and/or re-tweet

  • UPDATE: On 9/3/10 Augen released a file that was thought to be source, even by them, but it was not. They have said they are working to get this released due to efforts of those on, those on IRC #augenmod-dev and

More Info Links

Slatedroid Forum Discussion

Rooting, Market Fix, Custom Recovery, and More

To do all the hacks mentioned go to these two websites and everything will be mentioned on there.

XDA-developers Official Gentouch Development Thread

Augen Gentouch Development Wiki

onihiro currently updates this wiki and can be connected through the forums if you have any questions for him.

Last update:8/29/10

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