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best android tablet for my three year old daughter

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 04:55 AM

My three year old has a lot of experience with touch screens, using my HP touchsmart tablet, my sister and mums iPhone since she was about 1 1/2 years old! she is very good at playing games such as those on the cbbc website, moshi monsters etc. Nothing in the argos catalogue would be good enough for her as she already is used to using more advanced devices than what is available for kids.So im thinking to get her a tablet for her 3rd bithday this december, and get some android apps / games for her and she can use the flash games and educational stuff via the web browser.

Im very new to this and would like to find would like to ask what would be a good tablet for her , the specs i have so far that i think important are ...price - I cant afford more than around £100 - £140 for this, so any specs I need to lower I will consider. running android 2.1 or later flash 10.1 or the latest, as the latest flash games require7" minimum but 10" would be nicemost importantly a good responsive touch screen, dragging with finger etc and accurate.single touch is fine, multi touch would be good as long as good quality and not too much extra cost.obviously quite rugged and capable of being dropped a couple of times, she's quite well behaved and hasnt damaged our tablet laptop or iPhone as of yet! so as long as it wont be really fragile and a little bit rugged.I would really appreciate some advice, theres definately some specs that I wont have thought of and I welcome any changes to my idea.I think that kids could really use a device like this, the crap thats in argos really amazes me. There still selling colorless LCD screen "laptops" for up to nearly £100 , my daughter wouldnt even look at!!

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Posted 10 November 2010 - 05:19 PM

I'm doing the same sort of search for my 7 year old son (and maybe my 5 and half year old in a couple of months). I'm looking at Jim's BuyADroid site and here is what I came up with:Tablet Screen Size Android Price Hype-pad 10 2.1 $213 £132.55zt 180 10 2.1 $204 £126.95sl a8 8 2.2 $241 proprietary connector £149.97x5a sense 7 2.1 $186 multi-touch £115.75(and those are the credit card prices through alertpay).So, what does this all mean? Well, Android 2.2 plays flash 10 and all the current flash stuff. Android 2.1 plays some flash, but from what I can tell, not the more recent versions. I guess youtube will work, but I, like you, would like to know if some of the flash games on sites my kids visit will work in 2.1.Jim's BuyADroid site is in the merchant forum section. (I can't post links....)