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which is current best A31 device?

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Posted 16 July 2013 - 08:39 AM

I have an Onda v972 with the latest v2.0 firmware, which I think is pretty darn good. Have you ever used one? Or are you just guessing and watching youtube videos posted by disappointed people whining about early firmware bugs? The A31 SDK is improving all the time, and the latest version with the 2.0 SDK is a huge improvement...

Battery life is an issue, no question about that, but that's often true in general for China tablets, regardless of display size.

I really wonder, what do you use your tablet for? I read documents, emails, browse the interwebs, and watch movies.

1. There are no significant performance issues when reading documents and the 4x as many pixels makes a HUGE difference in the clarity of the text. I can't go back to my non-retina tablet for reading documents now, it just looks like crap.

2. Same goes for writing emails and reading homepages and emails. I really can't say I have had any performance issues either. Web browsing was sometimes slow on the v972 before, but it seems to mostly be a software issue and seems to have been greatly improved with the 2.0 SDK.

3. As for watching movies, there is no lag whatsoever, not even with 1080p material. So I don't see how a Retina display wouldn't be preferable here. (Except 1920x1080 would obviously be more logical if you're into watching movies a lot.) It's still perfectly fluid, and you have enough resolution for 1080p, which you don't on 1280x800 or 1024x768!

For gaming, I would perhaps not recommend a retina tablet. Then an edge in responsiveness is probably more important than having a lot of pixels. But that's about it. If the bulk of the time spent on the tablet is some form of reading text and watching movies, I would definitely recommend an A31 retina tablet. It is not terribly slow. It actually works just fine. (Or possibly wait a while for RK3188, but then you can always play that game and wait for something slightly better...)

I perfectly agree with you bro
even I bought a ainol spark after lot of thinking
but I think it's a perfectly usable tablet apart from minor lags out stutter in navigating sometimes
but movies play real good
most games play real good and look awesome
pdf lags a bit but if you forget about simply scrolling across pages to see it's smoothness and actually read something then then next stutter will come only after 5 minutes that you will take to read and immensely enjoy reading!!!

I think I can recommend these tablets to anyone but the only worry is about longevity of these Chinese goods

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 04:19 PM

I keen to get a recommendation

Chumi v99 or Nextway F9x - the main difference in specs seems to be the front camera on the Chuwi - any thing else I should look out for. My primary use will be reading PDF's so keen on Retina screen.