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Need your opinion

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#1 jtintle



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Posted 01 February 2013 - 12:26 PM

Hello folks,
I've been lurking in the forums for a bit, and wanted to get your opinion on which of the following A31 tablets I should get. I want to say I don't need or want a retina screen, right now I believe that its not the trade off on battery life or the lag that has been reported.
So the tablets I have been looking at are the iBex FlyTouch 10, this is the one I am leaning towards due to the larger battery and the better cameras. The second tablet I was looking at was the Ployer MOMO 20, since it has similar specs as the FlyTouch and I believe Ployer is a pretty good company. the third one is a Yuandao/Vido N101, I believe this has been announced as an A31, but they do have a tablet by the same name using a Rockchip core...

I currently have a 7" Polaroid 701C, a Allwinner A10, 800X480 screen, which I am using for surfing, ebooks, some video and a little gaming. I feel it's time to upgrade to a newer tablet so I can play some of the more graphically intensive games, and watch some videos on a bigger screen at a higher resolution, plus do some surfing...

I want to hear your opinions about these tablets, also if you know of any more A31 tablets with 1280X800 screens please post away.

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#2 Negen


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Posted 06 February 2013 - 12:51 PM

Chuwi v10 is what I almost got but.got the v99 instead

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#3 Roman2025


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Posted 15 February 2013 - 01:18 PM

Stay away from iBex/Flytouch.

Ployer has an A31 based device out (several) and the Chuwi V10 does look nice however still waiting to get some of the specs on it confirmed.

Smart move on staying away from Retina right now. It just isn't worth the lag... The RK3066 and A31's can't even begin to push screens with that high of a resolution :(

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#4 Deanox


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Posted 17 February 2013 - 09:22 AM

Hi Roman...

to a certain extent I totally agree - I have had an f9x for about a week or two. What it comes down to is what do you want to do on the tablet.

Webbrowsing is a fraction slower rendering than if you had a lower res tablet.. but the text etc look so much better (I have just come from a 7" ainol fire 1280x800).

Game are totally playable .. like temple run.. at full speed... but intensive game will clearly be slower. For me, I couldnt give a rats about games..

I use the tablet more as a reader, google current, web browsing etc.. and to be honest for $200 I am totally stoked with the value.

I am into art and photography, and HD photos etc using quickpic etc are so fast and stunning.

It plays full HD movies @ full HD, effortlessly.. and also these just look amazing.

For me the lag is roughly equivalent to the Ainol fire (dual core) that was push 1280x800... Its not ipad fast, probably about 200ms.. just enough to notice if you pick up an ipad.. sure you feel you got the poor cousing.. but what you can do with this for $200 is pretty amazing...

but yes sure.. would love some extra grunt and the lag to be a little less.. but for what I use it for I would without hesitation buy it again... if it was $100 cheaper for the lower res verstion then maybe I would go for that.. but you are not saving much..

If you are a gamer then probably better with lower res. I have to be honest I dont really understand serious gaming on Android or IPad. Get a PC, a Stereo 3D TV and play Dirt 3.. or a PS3...

But.. horses for courses. I purely bought this for the retina display... and am actually quite happy with the speed /lag considering these are very early drivers...