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Tatubias Custom Tweak Rom 0.3

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Posted 02 May 2012 - 01:18 PM

This is a rom to tweak the Ainol / Ainovo Novo 7 Paladin. It is based on the rom v0417

This rom will be installed over the v0417 rom. this is not a full rom. its like an upgrade only!!!

NOTE: this rom will delete all the aps that you have installed also the cache, it dose a Factory reset by default.

Changelog v0.3:
1 Automatic Factory Reset
2 Automatic Wipe Cache
3 Automatic Wipe Dalvik Cache

4 Installs Ainol Novo 7 Paladin ROM ROOT
5 Removes Baidu_Input (Speed type Keyboard)
6 Removes PinyinIME (Chinese Keyboard)

7 Installs build.prop you can tweak some things here like location and language
8 Installs hosts (This removes most ads in aps)

9 Install Flash and appinstaler
10 Installs APK that are copied into /sdcard/app directory
11 Installs Boot Animation from /sdcard/cfgfiles ( you can put the one you like before installing)

11 Deletes system.img from SD due original 0417 install bug. it leaves this file that has 240mb in the SD (needs Testing)


1 install 0417v rom Download: http://tabletrepubli...?do=file&id=116
2 reboot
3 install cwm Download: http://androtab.info...c/clockworkmod/
4 reboot
5 install tatubias03 update. Download link: https://www.box.com/...6aaad9a6ac0e72d

note: the tatubias03.zip has other files inside. to make this work you need to un compress it in the root of the SD card.

more or less this should look like.

update_signed.zip #(Select this file to install the ROM from CWD)
app\ #This is a directory / Folder (put all the apk that you want to auto install)
| |
| AppInstaller.apk
| install_flash_player_ics_Release_Version.apk
| readme.txt
cfgfiles\ #This is a directory / Folder ( you can edit some parameters from the files to tweak your self)
| |
| bootanimation.zip
| build.prop
| hosts
| readme.txt

Download Tatubias Custom rom 0.3: https://www.box.com/...6aaad9a6ac0e72d

NOTE: if you dont undestand what you can modify DONT TOUCH any file due you can brick the tablet

Here it is the change log for the Rom v0417.

Latest 4.0.3 firmware for Paladin released 2012.4.19.



adobe flash 11 hardware acceleration (beta testing)
3G compatibility & stability
power consuming optimization


The adobe the flash hardware decoding support, is currently in beta (measured Youku HD ultra-clear flash stress-free, Station A smooth pressure subtitles, Station B, basic fluency subtitles but the video Green can not put sound normal)
Optimize the efficiency of some multimedia format playback
Part of video thumbnails
Fixed some audio files in the playlist garbled
Enhance the efficiency of some of the video player
Gallery picture editing functions
Increase traffic monitoring
Enhanced connectivity for hidden AP
Enhanced the stability of the mobile network to support
Enhance the stability of the Ethernet
Enhanced 3G compatibility and stability
Optimize the system configuration, optimized dalvik virtual machine to optimize the file system IO
Adjust the browser's rendering strategies to enhance performance and improve the user experience
Improve the rate of the battery side, fix the problem without undue consumption of
Update a series of new pre-installed applications, including the GMS
Fixed a bitmap
Fixed a number of other bug

Download Ainol paladin 7 v0417 rom: http://tabletrepubli....do=file&id=116

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