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The identify game - the biggest game

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Posted 14 March 2012 - 02:02 PM

Greentigs fellow members!!

Why posting here even though I know the name of the tablet and other specs?
As I want to know if there are other tablets that use this processor and share other common details with this one.
Request for mods - Please leave me a PM if this post is moved to other thread's/forums. Thanks.

There are those time when you go "*oops" even though the literal meaning does not come to near existance. But you get the point. I am in deep *oops as of now and if NONE helps then I will prolly _poop_ and clean the mess out - you cannot take be roaming around with poop struck in your pants EH? I will rape and throw this retarded tablet away - Grrrrr *ROARS*

I brought this very ultra cheap android tablet 4days back.
Rooted it in 4 hours from the time I brought and things were smooth. No issues at all.
Reason for rooting? I am a G33K. I hate it slim.
I had to uninstall all the app's because the retarded tablet kept crashing all the time.
All smooth yet.
I inserted a small paper clip to that small butt of the tablet and reset it. It pooped. Its not satisfied with the paper clip may be it needed a sharp pin. Its upset, its in pain... I freaking do not know what but the *oops - WESPRO S714 tablet does not freaking fu****g work any more. Prff...

The Device

Name of the device you asking for help for - Wespro S714 manufactured by wesprodigitab.com?

Name and URL you bought the device from - Local shop; petty shop. I will develop a new site for him if this is a compulsion. Ah, just kidding. I am in funny mood today. ;)


CPU - I do not have a clue. But it says Infotmic X210
Speed - 1GHz processor
SD card slot.
One charger port not sure if it supports data trans' ; 3.5mm Jack ; Adapter slot

I need below listed.
Firmware Verion original
Firmware Version Custom

Thanks in advance.

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Posted 17 March 2012 - 12:31 PM



any luck guys?
point me in right direction;