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VSuccess WMS8105C ROM solution

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 06:32 AM


This is a MID (Gome Generic Tablet /Flytouch1/ and Generic EPad -Clone) without NAND Memory chip near CPU:
First, you must know that at least 2 different models with label "WMS8105C" on the motherboard exists. I know which is working Android ROM for model VSuccess WMS8105C.

This model vibrate on Start, have red LED in power charge state and Green Led when is on, special connector for USB and Network, and it has camera and Power, Menu, Vol+ Vol- buttons. It can be opened from above, in corners it have 4 hidden screws (behind self-adhesive black foil around touch screen).It have black back cover, balck buttons, MID label on original carton box and following parts inside:
WonderMedia WM8505+ ARM-based CPU
Important-this model HAVE 2GB Samsung K9GAG08U0E-SCB0 NAND flash Memory, but controlled with Chipsbank CBM2093 USB 2.0 Flash Disk Controller, equivalent to USB Flash memory (many ROM's reports-no NAND or unknown NAND type)
Hynix HY5PS1G831C-FP-S6, 128MB DDR SDRAM modules x2 (total 256MB)
Via VT6113 10/100 Ethernet controller
cFeon F40-100GCP (EN25F40-100GCP) 4 Mbit Serial Flash from EON
Genesys Logic GL850G USB 2.0 Low-Power HUB Controller
Shenzhen Goldtech Electronics WM8900L Mono CODEC with Speaker Driver, ADC with microphone input and programmable digial filters

Take a look on pictures:
Attached File  VSuccess WMS8105C.jpg   1.87MB   147 downloads
Attached File  VSuccess WMS8105C pict 2.jpg   806.61KB   119 downloads
Attached File  VSuccess WMS8105C pict 3.jpg   1.72MB   97 downloads

Working Android ROM's are from Tipstir - MT2.1.2_M SERIES + TWEAKED (50% Rooted) + MARKET (3 VERSIONS) and
- 6.27.11_DV300_WMT212M_BY_TIPSTIR from this link http://wmt8505-table...12_1o5-m-series
- HONEYCOMB ROM MOD DV300 6.27.11 (WMT2.1.6_PDN) http://wmt8505-table...2711-wmt216_pdn
- atzrom_bulldog_hc2-bd30-256_212m http://androidtablet...ased-date-11712
- WMT2.1.6_LF-C_V1.0B6_script.7z http://wmt8505-table...ighlight=MARKET
- HoneyComb V9.0.0 for FLYTOUCH 1 FOR WMT2.1.2_105 - 3.22.11_script_HoneyComb_V9.0.0_EPAD_212_by_tipstir.7z http://androidtablet...ld-wmt212-32211
- HoneyBee v2.0 http://androidtablet...bee-v20-is-here
Some of them have a small prolems, for example with WLAN, but test it :)

Also, I get Windows CE 6 to work (but without audio driver and touch screen for now (work with USB mouse and USB keyboard) and with no precise battery state with this ROM. Maybe I will find drivers for touchpad and audio and improved battery status application. Thanks to the PC USER I install "WinCE 6 0 ENG for WM8505 V3 fixed by PC USER" (read topics http://devio.us/~nex...hp?id=6&t_id=57
and this one

Above ROM's (Tipstir and Win CE) have different formatting (boot sector and place for installation memory) procedure because this model have NAND Flash memory behind Chipsbank CBM2093 (SO EVERY ROM GET CONCLUSION THAT THIS TABLET HAVE USB FLASH MEMORY, and haven't NAND for OS installation) than the most others Android ROM's for WM8505 ARM-based CPU tablets, so be careful with other ROM's.
When flashing ROMS to these sorts of tablets the ROM must be able to write to DEV\SDA or DEV\BLOCK\SDA or it will fail.
DO NOT USE "Slatedroid 174 base ROM" -it destroy boot data for Android on this device!!! I got error:
"Erase File-System Partition .......
-> Erase File-System Partition Fail! Exit!
Maybe the Kernel don't support this Nand Flash ")
and this ROM destroyed boot sector for Android (I even can not install Tipstir MT2.1.2_M SERIES).

How to recover Android after this formatting with Windows CE or with ROM "Slatedroid base ROM" or similiar which couse error Erase File-System Partition Fail! and after tha even can not flash with ROM WMT2.1.2_105_M3_V1.0_script.7z (stuck on screen with the name)? This is my solution:
1. Download WMT2.1.2_105_M3_V1.0_script.7z
2. Download VIA8505 WMT2.0_105.zip (only use scriptcmd from this ROM )
3. Prepare Micro SD card with SCRIPT from WMT2.1.2_105_M3_V1.0_script.7z and in SCRIPT folder replace original scriptcmd with scriptcmd from VIA8505 WMT2.0_105.zip ROM
4. Flash device with standard procedure (it will take more than 5 min).

Now you can flash any of compatibl ROM's from above list.

VSuccess WMS8105C (MID on original box) in market promotion material have tehnical data 256MB RAM, 2GB memory, 533MHz CPU, but I think that is overclocked, because high level of heating when working on original ROM. I've read reports of frequency ranging between 300MHz and 600MHz (WM8505+ ARM-based CPU), Windows CE 6.0 showing only 128MB RAM memory (becuse ROM is for 128MB RAM netbook originaly).
I don't know can any of those ROM's work with this type WMS8105C motherboard (which is not product from VSuccess) on forum http://www.techknow....hp?topic=1681.0

Please send me informations about your progress and work with this MID model.
Best regards!

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 06:30 AM

wave to everyone I have a mid plate wms8105c. My problem is that update is to do in black and not have how to boot someone can help me thanks




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Posted 16 April 2012 - 06:20 AM

wave to everyone I have a mid plate wms8105c. My problem is that update is to do in black and not have how to boot someone can help me thanks

Thanks for Sharing IDOL

And Congrats



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Posted 01 May 2012 - 03:43 PM

ill try this. hope it will work cuz my pad is 2days old. im so desperate now

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 06:54 PM

Hello, this topic is excelent, i have a multipix tablet with built WMT2.1.2_105 and i would like upgrade because android 1.6 is slow and to old.

Could you help me, please ?

It's a VIA 400MHZ.





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Posted 06 February 2014 - 07:41 PM

any for reupload files ?


Thanks for advance!