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Posted 22 February 2011 - 08:19 AM

Official Tech Support for BUYaDROID



1. You must charge the Tablet for 10 hours on first charge.

Registration Code

2. WRITE down your Android Market REGISTRATION code. It is impossible to get another one.

App for Browsing two SD-CARDS

3. You can use wowFilemanager to see both the SD-CARDS on the HyPE-PAD

Speed improvements

Speedier web browsing

4. Opera mini available from the market is faster.

SD card increase speed


Dual file manager

5. Get Dual file manager from the market. It is awesome for manipulation files.

Model specific


1. Full power off sequence

1. Press power button for +5 secs.
2. Device will say "Poweroff confirmed?". Top left
3. Then you must drag the slider upwards.
4. It will show you a small dialog box with "Power off shutting down".

You must see power confirm off. Then the little animation of powering off (a moving circle).to fully power off the device.

2. GPS testing and setup

1. GPS

GPS antenna must be connected when unit is fully powered off.

1.2 GPS testing

a. WiFI must be on
b. GPS must be on as per below.

1. Download from the market an application called GPS test. It is free. It is by chartcross

2. This works best OUTDOORS with a clear sky. It will not find the GPS satellites inside.
3. Fully power off the unit. As per above instructions.
4. When outside Plug in GPS antenna into top left gold plug. This is located on the left of the power switch and between speaker and power switch.
5. Go to home screen, menu , settings, Location and security settings.
6. Put check box next to "use GPS Satelites"
7 Exit back to home and FULLY power off. As per above instructions. Do not remove the antenna.
8 Power on the unit with the GPS antenna attached.
9. Wait for unit to fully startup.
10 Run GPS test app. Give it some time to lock on.

11. Check top left. It must say "GPS ON"

12. This is the important part. It will show you a set of bars below with numbers and colors. Wait until you have a few locked.

13 Run the maps app. This will take a long time to reset to the new location.
14. You may have to press the menu, "my location" button.
15. The first initialization does take a bit long.

3. Connecting your HyPE-PAd to the PC

1. Goto the Market or Appbrain. It appears in both.
2 Search FOR APP WIFI Explorer Pro. It may/may not be free.
3 Install it onto the tablet, run app.

4. It will pop-up a url and address(write this down) (while it is connected to your wifi network eg.

5 Goto to your WINXP computer.
6 Open your browser. Firefox etc
7 Type in the IP adress into the url window. Hit go.

8 Browse your tablet from your pc and copy files etc.
9. You can add a password to protect your device(settings).


1. WiFI looses connection.

The default setting is to switch off the WiFI when ever the tablet goes into sleep mode. However it does not reawaken the WiFI antenna when the users starts using the tablet.

1. You can disable this WiFI sleep option. Goto "MENU", "SETTINGS" , "WIRELESS"
2. You can setup a widget on the home screen to re-enable WiFi. They are a few free apps in the market that allow you to do this.

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