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Announcement: [Updated forum rules] Link Posting Guidelines

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Greetings SlateDroid members :hi:

In order to help clarify the link posting rules for all, the SLD moderating team has come up with this set of guidelines.

Linking to other forums/social networks/etc is acceptable, provided that:

No registration is required to view/browse/lurk.
The information is intended for informative/sharing purposes.
Not be used for spam or otherwise unauthorized self-promotion.

Spam will not be tolerated - Only authorized businesses may advertise on SLD.

Active Developers are allowed donate links in their signatures and inactive developers may provide a donate link in the first post of the rom/mod/fw. If you are interested in developer member status, please contact admin via pm.

Links to File hosting (mirrors) of roms/mods/fw/information must require no registration to download the file. If you want to share files/information, it should be freely shared without forcing members to sign up elsewhere.

Private sales between members do not belong in tablet discussion forums. It is preferred that members use the Classifieds. I have added a redirect to the Classifieds in the Android Tablet Market forum. The rules for posting are listed in the description. http://www.slatedroi...-tablet-market/

Auction links of any kind are not allowed.

Know that bypassing filters for posting links to disallowed sites is prohibited and subjects post to deletion, as well as immediate suspension/removal of member privileges.

Members with questions or concerns regarding acceptable links, please contact a mod/admin via pm.

Thank you and consider this an addendum to the Forum Rules

Edit 3/15/13 - Added to the forum rules

- Update: 03/12/13 - Notice to Developers / Prospective Developers -

Paid apps [pro-versions] are not allowed to be shared via roms. This is copyright infringement and subjects you to being completely and instantly banned as per the forum rules linked here: http://www.slatedroi...65-forum-rules/ -- or in my signature..