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Announcement: ATTN: Pandigital Novel/Tablet Users

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In order to better assist members:

We are trying to eliminate repetitive (and off-topic) questions that bury information already available in the forums. People please, do your part and stay on-topic within existing threads. And post your questions in the subforum that corresponds with your particular Pandigital Novel or Tablet.

Since there are so many different versions of PD now, it would benefit anyone requesting help to know and provide the following information when posting.

1. What Color and Model is your PDN?
-- Black, White, QVC (black and colored), and now we currently have the Planet and Nova.
2. What FW revision is currently on your PDN? -- Menu/Settings/About Device
3. If upgrading: which FW are you trying to upgrade to and from where?

Update 01/03/13 - Please note your FW revision when seeking help in the forums. It is especially important with the White PDN (and clones) because downgrading can brick your device without the proper precautions provided by SLD.

Reading around (to inform and better educate yourself) before you ask your questions is not only polite, it is REQUIRED. We do not want you to render your device useless any more than you do. Your first stop and best resource should always be the PDN WIKI HERE (This is a link).

Please Note: ANY SlateDroid member interested in contributing to the Wiki should contact mogrith via PM for editing access.

Also: With the Pandigital Android Tablets forums restructure the wiki links still re-direct properly, but if anyone should notice any broken links, please send me a PM and I will fix it asap.

Thank you and enjoy your PDN's, PDP's and Nova's.

Mrsburnout :drinks:

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