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Craig CMP-738a -----

Submitted by TikaC
Model: Craig CMP-738a
CPU: RockChip 2818
Speed: 700MHz
Has Camera?: No
Screen Type: Resistive
Screen Size: 7 inch
OS Version: 2.2 Froyo
Manufacturer: Craig
Views: 13860


This touch screen tablet was made by Craig Electronics and sold for $99 USD in CVS Pharmacy drug stores in the US and also for $149.99 Canadian at Zellers. This is a very basic Android tablet, which will not run Java or flash games, but will run many Android apps made for v. 2.1 and is a good eReader, email reader, will let you watch YouTube videos, connect with FaceBook, Twitter, etc. You can set it up for GMail or any other POP3 based email account. You can also set up the outgoing and incoming server ports, if needed. It's a great on the go tablet.

The caveat is that it only is WiFi capable. There is no 3G/4G radio build in. However, it does contain a host USB port as well as the mini USB port for charging so one could always hook something up.

The tablet has a 256MB RAM and 2GB storage memory for your applications, pictures, music, videos, etc. You can also add a Micro SD card up to 32GB.

The screen is a nice, vivid 800 x 480 pixel resistive touch screen. It is not multi-touch however. You can also hook this tablet up to a monitor using the mini HDMI port.

The tablet contains a microphone for recording, speaker, handy volume up/down buttons at the top next to the on/off switch. It also has an on/off button that turns it off but not completely off, yet not exactly standby. This I suppose is for charging it. It comes with the manual, USB cable, and A/C adapter/charger. It will run with the adapter plugged in to save batteries as well as charge the unit.

The three buttons on the side are Main Menu, On/Off/Standby, and Home. It doesn't have a back button though. The ports are on the side and also include an headset/line-out jack so you can use earphones or external speakers.

The nice thing is the USB host port, which lets you plug in external hard drives (I've tested the Western Digital Passport and it worked fine), USB sticks, even a keyboard or a mouse! I have tried a mouse. It has an industrial like cursor but it halts a lot. It's easier to just tap or move your finger on the screen.

For web browsing, it seems to use a version of Firefox. You can zoom in on the web page or, like I like to do, grab the stylus that's kept in the lower left bottom of the tablet and use that to click on links, etc.

This tablet does have motion sensors which will change the format from portrait to landscape as you turn the tablet. It also works with some games like YahtC where you can shake the tablet and it'll roll the dice!

The battery is a non-replaceable, non-accessible Lithium-ion Polymer Battery rated at DC 7.l2V, 2800 mA. The battery life is not great as it seems that a "Cell Standby" is using up most of the battery power, up to 72% or more, and it doesn't actually have a 3G or 4G radio. Batteries typically last from 1 - 2 hours depending on what you use and if you have your WiFi turned on.

Out of the box, it does not support Android Market, but instead has "SlideMe" app market and a couple others, which are not USA based. However, if you upgrade the ROM, there is one ROM that does support Android Market, and it's known to work quite well with this tablet. An Android 2.2 (Froyo) ROM is in development as well.

Overall, this is a great tablet to get started with or if you just want to keep up with your friends on FaceBook and Twitter, browse the web, do email (has a reasonable on-screen keyboard by holding the Menu button down for a second), play games, or watch some YouTube videos. A case or sleeve for it can be found by searching ######.

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