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Android ICS on Windows 7/8

Run Android 4.0.3 on Windows 7 or 8

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Natively you could now run Android ICS 4.0.3 on an PC within Windows 7 or 8, no need of Virtual Box or VMWare etc.

For to downloads please go to: http://www.socketeq.com/


good newa
does not work. Its just a novelty advert for ICS.
Under Maintanance. :(
This appears to work.

Managed to install the version from their g+ cloud disk. g+ download link
(called Windroy_earlyrelease.exe)

It is not just a demo (I'm on Windows 7)
as I was able to changed the home screen wallpaper and move an App on to it as well as a widget
Posted Image
I've resized this but I think the screen resolution is 1280x800px

when opened a Dos Window first opens, and stays open throughout the session:
Posted Image

There are only limited apps:
Posted Image

Browser definitely works:
I was able to get to this Slatedroid page - even requesting the desktop version -
Posted Image

Also able to get to Google Play (apps store)
Posted Image
BUT I have not figured out how to install or even download any apps since Windroy does not seem to have the Google Play app nor any easy to find file manager to click on any apk files.

I have tried to put some apk files on the virtual sd card but have not found a way of accessing them from within Windroy.

I think what I need is either Google Play (the app) or some form of file manager so I can access any apk file I store within the Windroy environment.

But this does looks very hopeful -
look forward to either a new release or even some kind of mod that will allow either Google Play - or a file manager with apps installer (like ES file Explorer)
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akash patre
Apr 13 2013 08:02 AM
what was the software you said
can you please tell the latest version of it
My first ever visit here looking for info on rumored running xp on icecream. will keep looking.
Buggy as hell. I hate cripple ware :)
May 24 2013 01:37 PM
really :unsure: android & windows? that sounds like oil & fire if you ask me because the last time i saw my buddy try that he ended up having to re install windows on his pc and to top it off he also lost all his work data ... nice one malcolm :clapping:
Jul 15 2013 11:34 AM
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good job