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Update 20130218: Step by Step Tutorial: How to flash a Rom and CWM via RKAndroidTool on a RK3066 Retina Tablet

Posted by mcschweg , 01 February 2013 - - - - - - · 1,219 views

UPDATE 20130218

This is for all the owners of a RK3066 Device with a 9.7' Retina Display.
i.e.: CHUWI V99 DUAL CORE only (not QUAD, which is A31!),VIDO/Window N90FHD,CUBE U9GTV,VISTURE 4HD, ...

My credits go to DarkRickPR, who modified rooted stock roms at first, then integrated a ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery Version and ported some Android Roms...


Step by Step Tutorial: How to flash a Rom via RKAndroidTool and CWM on RK3066 Retina Tablet

Posted by mcschweg , 27 January 2013 - - - - - - · 269 views

OK, i made this step by step tutorial for noobs. Please take it and make it better!

From step 15 onwards, it is about flashing via CWM.

Before you flash:

Safe everything, that you might want to keep off the tablets memory onto your micro SD-card i.e.. The Memory of the tablet will be totally erased during flashing. Again: There is no "safe space" inside the RAM of the tablet. Everything will be erased.

Flash at your own risk. No one else but you is responsible for any damage that might occur.

Step 1: Download

Drivers: (erase .txt from filename)

RKAndroidTool 1.35 (RKAT): (erase .txt from filename)

Custom ROM: Danerick Beta 1a highly recommended (because it has the most beautiful bootsequence)

parameter2gb-file: (erase .txt from filename)

CWM-Recovery: (erase .txt from filename)

CWM-flaschable custom ROM: Generick Mod V6 highly recommended (just hit "DOWNLOAD" and proceed to mediafire)

TerminalEmulator.apk: (erase .txt from filename)

Step 2: Unzip and install Drivers on your PC.

Step 3: Unzip folder RKAndroidTool 1.35 (RKAT) on your PC.

Step 4: Start RKAT on PC and point it to the files of the custom ROM. Follow this sceme:


Use the "Parameter2gb" (see attachement!) file instead of the original file (recommendet) to gain 2GB for installing apps instead of only 1GB.

Step 5: Switch the tablet completely off. If charger cable is plugged in, unplug it.

Step 6: Connect tablet to the PC via USB-cable.

Step 7: Hold button on the side of the tablet down that says "VOL +".

Step 8: While holding "VOL +" hold also down the Power Button.

Step 9: While holding the two buttons down, insert the charger-cable-plug into the charger hole of the tablet.

Step10: Watch the RKAT-window on your PC-screen, until the message on the bottom turns from "No Found RKAndroid rock usb" to "Found RKAndroid rock usb".

Step11: Release both buttons. You are now in flash mode of the tablet.

Step12: Click on the button in the RKAT-Window that says "Erase NAND(IDB)". See the count in the status-window goes all the way through.

Step13: When successfully erased NAND, click button "Flash ROM" and see the count in the status-window goes all the way through.

Step14: Congrats, you have flashed the custom Rom and CWM-recovery via several imgs with RKAT. If you don not need to flash a CWM-custom-ROM, you can start using your tablet now.

Step15: If you want to flash a CWM-custom-ROM with CWM now, you have to start your tablet now by pressing 4-5 long secs on the power button until you see a boot-picture.

Step16: When booted completely, do not install anything, not even your gmail-account, because all those input will get lost while flashing the CWM-custom-rom. Go to Settings, Display and switch to HD-mode (so you can enjoy HD mode after CWM-flashing CWM-custom-ROM). Proceed with rebooting the device when asked.

Step17: On your PC or tablet: Mount a micro-SD-card and put CWM-flashable ROM (.zip) and TerminalEmulator.apk on micro-SD-card.

Step18: Insert the micro-SD-card with the files from step 16 into the tablet.

Step19: After the tablet bootetd completely again, find the TerminalEmulator.apk on your micro-SD-card via a file browser on your tablet. install it.

Step20: Re-asure, that the system is rooted by launching eiter the app "SuperSU" or "Superuser" on your tablet and achieve Superuser-rights on the tablet.

Step21: Launch the app "TermainalEmulator" and type "su" followed by pressing the return key or enter. If a line appears, that the command is not possible, something with the superuser-rights is not OK.

Step22: If everything before went well, a window "Superuser" or "SuperSU" will appear. Grant the Superuser functionality by hitting "OK" or "Grant".

Step23: Still in TermainalEmulator, type "reboot recovery". The tablet will immediately shut down and restart in CWM-recovery-mode. That looks weired, but it serves it's purpose.

Step24: In CWM-recovery, press "Vol +" several times until you land on "install zip". Press the power button one time.

Step25: Press "Vol +" several times until you land on "install zip from ext.SD". Press the power button one time.

Step26: Press "Vol +" several times until you land on the CWM-zip-file, that you want to flash. Press the power button one time.

Step27: In the same way, you chose in Step25 and Step26, do the so calles "three wipes": "wipe data/factory reset", then "wipe cache partition", then "advanced", "wipe davlik cache".

Step28: In the same way, you chose in Step25 to Step27, go back and chose "reboot system now".

Step29: Maybe you have to format the internal SD-RAM by going to settings,memory,mount SD-card,format,OK.

Step30: Your system is now ready for further modifications. Enjoy.

This tut is under heavy development... i will continue to add pics and notes. Please comment and help me complete it.

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